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Winning design #45 by GJR, Logo Design for Leib Family Brewery Contest
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designed by GJR

Project description

I just loaded a file of a drawing by a friend, will be grateful if someone can do something with this because I would love to see what it looks like. A family run Home Brewery, making strong flavored and full body beer. Hoppy and happy. Spicy and malty. Making beer is family fun! We are looking for a logo to go on our Beer Labels. Here are some of our favorites: http://www.stonebrewing.com/arrogantbastard/ http://www.stonebrewing.com/sublimely/ http://ithacabeer.com/beers/ http://www.dogfish.com/brews-spirits/the-brews/year-round-brews/90-minute-ipa.htm http://www.ommegang.com/#!beer_vos http://haymarketbrewing.com/beers http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/7a/5e/d8/7a5ed82a5cb95e47eaf4c1023cb8f031.jpg http://www.pinterest.com/pin/238339005250362237/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/238339005250396493/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/238339005250514142/

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  • Hello, just curious what you would like your label to say?
    • I think I would like it to say Leib Family Brewery, aside for that, I am open to any and all suggestions. Thank you, Jason

    • Why haven't you submitted anything?

    • I've been playing around with a few ideas, but the site only allows me to submit 3 total per contest, so I want to make sure I am happy with a design before I submit it. Are you completely against a design that would be a little more untraditional (i.e. something along the lines of Magic Hat) type of label?

    • I think I would love nontraditional. If you have more questions I am more than happy to answer. Jason

    • |--|

      leibja {*wrote*}:
      I think I would love nontraditional. If you have more questions I am more than happy to answer. Jason
      |--| #23 Just submitted my first design in a few color combinations...I personally like the black and red, but I know black wasn't in your list of colors, so I included it alongside the yellow and red one just so you could see. Design is simple, but eye catching and a little quirky (but in my opinion, quirky and beer labels work well together). As always, feedback is appreciated and thank you for this opportunity and your patience!

  • Hi CH , Can u give me ur opinion about my entry #4 ? thnx in advance
    • Hi Mustafa, It looks very nice but I think that I would prefer a longer shape. Thank you, Jason

    • thnx for ur interest , i just uploaded a new design #27 could u tell me ur opinion about it ? thnx

  • Hello Sir,I have submitted my design as entry #5. Feedback appreciated! Thank you Dmts
    • Hi Dmts, I really like the shape of #5 and #11 but I find the font a little too heavy. Would you be able to change the font and remove the spicy and malty? Also experiment with some other colors for #11. #8 and #10, are nice but as the logo will go on a bottle I think the longer shapes will look nicer. Thank you, Jason

    • Thanks for the feedback, the problem is i cant upload more designs! I'm new in this site and i can upload only 4 designs in every contest..

    • oh wow that sucks, so there is no way for us to continue? There is another guy who has submitted like 15 entries. I really like your stuff but I don't think I will choose it the way it is now. If I delete some if your designs will you be able to upload more? Thank you, Jason

  • Dear CH, please check my 1st design i hope you like my idea appreciated feedback thanks
    • Thank you they both look really great. I like the color of the second one more than the first but I like the look of the first including the line making beer is family fun. I hope that is helpful, Jason

    • Dear CH, Thank you so much for appreciation of my work ! i upload #3 change the color & added line making beer is family fun. i hope you like new one thanks again rajagee

    • Thank you again. I made a mistake with the number I like the colors of number 1 and the look of number 2, oops. Jason

    • Dear Jason, No problem sir this is my job & responsibility i have make the design as your required then i am satisfied i upload new #6 i hope you like you & rate my design thanks

    • Dear Rajagee, I think longer shapes are better as the logo will be going on a bottle. Would you be able to place the circle from #2 on to a longer shape? I also want to loose the spicy and malty. maybe consider some other colors as well although I am least sure about that. I very much like #9 especially the tap! Again the problem I have with it is that the logo will be going on a bottle so I think longer shapes are better. Thank you so much, Jason

    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback & appreciation of my work i have convert #9 longer shape i hope you like my new idea thanks

    • DEar Rajagee, I like it very much. Is it possible to make it a little longer? After talking with y wife she would like to see this design with the removal of the words hoppy and happy to be replaced by family brewery. As well as the removal of making beer is family fun on top and replacing it with hoppy and happy. Thank you, Jason

    • Dear CH, thank you so much your liking my designs high rating sir any changes feel free to ask me thanks again

    • Dear Rajagee, I like the shape of # 16 the most, now I'm ust not sure what it should say, hoppy and happy or making beer is family fun? Could you play with different word options so that I can check out how they all look and maybe add some different color options. Thank you, Jason

    • Please check updated version line ad family fun on top & color brighter thanks

    • Please check my new 3 different designs wrap on bottles i hope you like my new green idea thanks

  • I have submitted 3 new designs as entries #8 , #10 and #11. Hope you like them, please tell me your opinion! Thanks, Dmts
  • I just uploaded 2 new designs as entries #25 and #26 with different colours as you requested! Hope you like them and tell me your opinion! Thank you, Dmts
    • Hi Dmts, Could you put #5 on a bottle for me, I really like it but I would want to know what it looks like on a bottle. Thank you, Jason

    • I just uploaded entry #30. Its #5 with some changes! Hope you like it and I'll be happy to recieve any feedback! Thank you, Dmts

    • I really like it and it is in my top 2 but i would like to change some if the wording. i would like it to say hoppy and happy on top instead of making beer is family fun. I would like to replace the hoppy and happy and the spicy and malty with family brewery. thank you so much! jason

    • I made the changes as you requested! It's entry #31 and i hope you like it! Thank you

    • thanks it is awesome! do you have any other ideas?

    • I just uploaded a new design as entry #32! Thank you, Dmts

    • also looks great!

  • Dear Rajagee, I really like the green one all the way on the left. Could you suggest others similar with different colors and maybe a different font for Leib, something more fun? Jason
    • Dear CH, please check my new design different colors & font change Leib. i hope you like thanks again

    • Hi Rajagee, I just uploaded a file of a picture drawn by a friend. It is very different from the stuff so far submitted but I would be grateful if you could have a look and design something for me to look at. So far my wife and I both very much like #21 Thank you, Jason

    • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback & inform me new drawing, can i make the new drawing type label ?

    • yes please turn the drawing into a label if you want to change it or put your understanding into it that would be great!

    • Dear CH, please check new design as your upload drawing #24, i hope you like my design & drawing appreciated feedback again thanks

    • Hi Rajagee, I think I know which design I want. I would like to see the font from #21 on #16 and change the wording under leib to family brewery. thank you, jason

    • Dear Jason, Thanks for feedback, sir i upload new #28 entry i add under leib to family brewery. rajagee

    • could you put the font from #21 on #28? thank you

    • please check i have put the font from #21 on #28. new entry #29 Thanks

  • I really like this logo but would like to see what it would look like with a font that is more fun and less heavy and some different colors besides the white and the red. Thank you, Jason
    • I will try to find a way to upload more tomorow with the changes you requested! Thank you. Dmts

  • Hi, I really like the look of this logo, would you be able to remove the spicy and malty and add family brewery? Do you think this logo would look nice on a bottle? Thank you, Jason
  • Hi, I am looking to put my logo on bottles so I think I am looking for something longer and more playful. Thank you, Jason
  • could you make this a bit more playful?
    • GJR

      I've added #42 - with more playful text and have added splashes to give the beer more movement. Thanks.

  • also could you maybe put this on a bottle for me to see? Thank you
    • GJR

      Hi, thanks for your feedback. I have submitted #37 to show you the label on a bottle. I'll try to make a new concept but I'm not sure I'll finish anything in time. I'll try. Thanks.

  • #36 here! Thank you for your rating, do you have any requests or feedback to make it even better? I am brand new so I may only submit 2 more designs. Thanks again!
    • I am not sure that I really like the L at the top, not sure what to suggest in its place a glass of beer or some hops or wheat or something else but it may pay to try to change that up. also maybe a more playful font?

    • will do! thank you so much for the quick response!

  • GJR
    Hi, sorry for the late entry. I submitted #34. I have gone for a more modern look and have featured a family of beers! I hope you like it. Thanks.
    • Hi, No problem. It is very nice, I like it a lot, do you have any other maybe more playful suggestions? Jason