Leveraged Empowerment with Dr. Christine Grant

A great experience - the system worked really well and I enjoyed interacting with the artist in this program. I had not used it before and will recommend it to others!!

$275 paid

34 custom designs

16pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #25 by lstyrman, Logo Design for Leveraged Empowerment with Dr. Christine Grant Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lstyrman

Project description

Leveraged empowerment takes what you have, identifies what you need, to get what you want, with an emphasis on moving forward in a manner consistent with your overarching core values (professional and personal). It is coaching, Keynote speaking, seminars and workshops for students and professionals The company is CoolSci Productions LLC. Changing brand from Creative Growth Solutions for You to Leveraged Empowerment. Dr. Christine Grant does NOT need to be in the logo. I need

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  • SGh
    Hi,CH.Would you like to have some 3D touches in the logo?Thanks.
  • I've added #14 & #15 - any suggestions, feedback, or changes you wish to see to either of these designs or #11 I would be happy to make.Thank you.
  • #12 and #13 - This design incorporates movement (bouncing ball) but symbolism as the ball's trail is also a check-mark. Feedback is appreciated so that I can create the design you need. Thank you in advance.
  • #11 - Hello CH, I am interested to know if you want a more text-focused logo or one that involves an icon? Thank you!
  • Hello, I've submitted #10. Just curious if you'd like to see another font, or if there's anything about the design that you feel needs amending? Any feedback would be great.
  • The wheels are nice and show movement - the hand with the bulb is a bit to much...Nice creation
  • Creative logo - but not a match for what we are looking for... thanks for the entry...
  • Nice logo - but not a fit for what we are looking for - thanks for the entry!!
  • Nice logo - but not a fit for what we are looking for - thanks for the entry!!
  • The tie in the bulb makes the design look too masculine