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Winning design #188 by fady, Logo Design for Logo for a Web&App Development Company Contest
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designed by fady

Project description

1. Name that we want in our logo: RR or Rhyme&Reason (“R&R” in English stands for rest & relaxation – hardly the message we want to send!;) ) 2. Company description:  RR is a small web and mobile application development company. 3. Our target audience: Small business owners and the IT community.  4. The top 3 things we want to communicate in our logo are: 1) Refined and striking. Design that stands out and is memorable. 2) We are serious IT professionals. The company should project experience, but with creativity and freshness. 3) The logo should not be corporate and cold, but should have warmth. We are a small company that isn't afraid of being edgy, not a big corporation with conservative values. Additional remarks: We want our logo to give an indication that we are design-savvy. The logo should be clean and creative, but should fit with a wide variety of other designs (like all of our apps and web pages on the site). Ornamentation is ok, but it should not detract from the overall visual strength of the logo (clean vectors – no shading, pencil drawings, etc. unless it adds to a deliberate concept). To sum up, the logo should be all about technology AND creativity. Since coding/web development is both creative and logical/precise, there is a mix of left and right-brain thinking. It is both lyrical and mathematical. There are both rhyme and reason. Here are the links to a few ideas we liked: http://www.mememe.dk/advance-nonwoven.html#Logo http://www.jonmutch.com/Stone-Canoe-Rebrand For the “clean” feeling and balance between retro and modern: http://imjustcreative.co.uk/logostack/orourke-moody/ 5. What we do not want in entries: Pictures of microchips, 0’s and 1’s, or other traditional IT/tech symbols We have attached: - a few logo concept ideas that we've had so far; Please don't be afraid to experiment or offer new ideas. We are looking for polished ideas, but are open-minded.  Thank you and good luck!

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  • GJR
    Hi, I have submitted #2. I have taken the gear symbol of dynamism, development and progression and have overlayed that on a colour wheel to depict creativity. I hope you like it. Thanks.
    • Hi GJR, Thanks for your entry! This idea is definitely worth exploring! Perhaps combine this idea with something more 3D, like the Nonwoven design in the brief? Other ideas also welcome!

    • GJR

      sorry, I didn't get notification of this feedback. I'll work on this now. Thank you.

  • Hello Whelrhoe, Thank you for your concept! From the first look it seems to us that the logo name colors doesn't quite fit together with the logo itself. Either the bubble line or the font color should be adjusted. What do you think?
    • good evening CH.. thank you very much for the message.. i will send revised design of my entry CH.. Thank you....

  • The white BG and clean look are good, but could you try something like this with a sharper font. It looks a little bit "soft" for a programming company...
  • Thank you, FAMAE! The idea is nice, but there is no contrast that would catch an eye!
  • FEMAE, this seems to be rather corporate and the logo name is too vague if compared to the logo.
  • kgb, there are too many tiny details, we don't want it to be overstuffed, preference goes to simplicity so that it is easy to remember.
  • kgb
    Hello CH just submitted designs #33 and #36 for your consideration?
  • Kgb, is there a difference between this entry and entry #12?
    • kgb

      yes,the R on both sides of ampersand were made little bit thick when compared to design #12.

  • Thank you, kgb, but we think that for this particular concept just a plain color looks better!:)
  • SignatureFX, this one we found the best out of your entries, but still perhaps too conservative. And white background is preferable for future entries! :)
    • Hi Contest Holder, Thanks for the feedback regarding my entries. Would like to ask if you prepare two or more color combinations OR just a plain color?

    • SignatureFX, Try a two color combination. Otherwise we encourage you to also think of other concepts with RR/Rhyme&Reason in the logo name only. The logo itself does not have to be made up of RR necessarily!:)

  • Thank you for the concept FEMAE! We encourage you to explore additional ideas beside using RR letters in the logo, RR doesn't have to be the primary focus. We think that red alone makes it too feminine. It could be used as a highlighting detail in small proportions though.
  • Thank you kgb, we give our preference to previous versions ;) Other ideas are also welcome!
  • Dear designers, thank you for your work so far! One common feedback: please use a clean white background for future entries! we encourage you to also think of other concepts with RR/Rhyme&Reason in the logo name only. The logo itself does not have to be made up of RR necessarily!:)
  • Sajid2032, We feel like the sharpness of the arrow does not fit well together with the notion of "warmth" and "personal". But thank you for your concept& keep going!:)
  • Thank you SignatureFX, but this one seems to be too stiff, we would add more playfulness to the concept!
  • Hello Junseiyu, we' d say that the previous concepts we liked better :)! But thank you for bringing in new ideas!
  • SignatureFx, thank you for your entry! We have to admit that we give preference to white background, this color combination altogether feels slightly depressing.
  • A very creative concept, thank you, Junseiyu! We like the harmony of the chosen color combination.
  • Thank you Junseiyu, the idea is nice:)! Perhaps try other colors (available in our brief) to avoid marine-type associations ( we see ocean waves here)? We like the font of logo name! Other concepts are welcome!
    • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback. I uploaded #11 with the various colors you suggested. And sorry, it's not waves, it's ROUNDED RR(with one upside down). Will try to submit more ideas later.

    • Junseiyu, we know that you meant RR, don't worry :), it was just those bluish colors that made the association. Thank you for the updated versions!

  • This looks better, thank you!:)