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Winning design #151 by sundezzo, Logo Design for Maxsurance Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sundezzo

Project description

Need new Logo for Branding for our website, banners, social media, and so forth. We are Property & Casualty insurance agency that sells insurance currently in eight States and are expanding to eventually sell in all fifty United States. We are looking for a serious, strong, clean, bold, and professional Logo. Please make sure to submit only Original and unique, something easy to remember and recognize, with National Reach in mind.

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  • Hello CH, here we are sending our proposal for your consideration 3 and 5 (with gradients) Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • Please see my designs #20 - #22. Would love to hear feedback!
  • CH, Would appreciate some feedback on entries #4,#6,#18 and #19. Thanks so much. dlbonanno64
  • Hello CH, about 3 and 5 thank you very much for your feedback. We will provide further proposals for your consideration. Best regards.
  • @dlbonanno64 - Can you play a bit more with #19 and give us a few other options?
  • @arsOrum - thank you for your entry, your logo is very close to what we are looking for. Would you be willing to submit a few other options with similar colors?
  • @LukeGavie - thank you for your entries. We would like the focus of the logo to be on the word "MAX" and everything in a single line. You are in the right neighborhood but would like to see more entries with different colors.
  • @naderibrahim - you are in the right track but would like to see something more creative than just the fonts.
  • --------------------- #27 ------------------------------
  • Please, see my new design #25. Thank you .
  • can you submit with an actual checkmark, these have a small tail on the checkmarks?
  • Can we see a few more variations of this one?
  • Please provide different color combinations for this one. Blues, Reds, so forth.
  • Please, see my new design #61. Thank you .
  • please feedback to my work # 58 #59 #60. I hope you like it!
  • my entries are #50 #49 #48, instead of "Maxsurance", there's "Maxisurance". Sorry. Please say which do you prefer, and any further possible changes and I will send without the mistake.
  • Please send a few more variations of this. Maybe with diferent fonts and colors.
  • Can you do a few more variations, one where the letter "A" is not touching the "X" and another where the bottom of the "X" is an upside down "v" and not a reverse checkmark. Any other variations you think of would also be appreciated.
  • Hello CH, please take a look at #86. Maybe you like something different, something clean and nice. Tell me if you wont to change something. Thank you.