Norwegian Hydropower AS needs new logo

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Winning design #241 by joekong, Logo Design for Norwegian Hydropower AS needs new logo Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

On our website (top left) you can see our existing/preliminary logo. We want a more proffesional designed logo. However, it should/could be based on the same basic idea as the existing one, meaning that both words "norhydro" and "norwegian hydropower" should be included in the logo. (norhydro is a acronym for the formal company name Norwegian Hydropower AS). Graphical symbol should/could illustrate the same elements as the existing one, meaning: "waterdrops", "circular/global/international", "circular/water turbine wheel". Colours should/could be blue and/or green illustrating water, environmental friendly, renewable energy.

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  • This is a logo contest, only the log design is allowed in the entry please read the rules
  • Your design only in an entry, no signatures allowed just the contest entry. Please read the rules
  • The concept is green electricity from water. The swirls represent the action of the turbine on the water.
  • Dear CH, Here is my idea. I put a letter 'N' between the waterdrops, so it can be used without the company name too. Thanks
  • #5 using serif font, looks more professional, bold, and powerfull logo is N letters with hidden picture indicates a waterdrops thank you so much.
  • Dear CH, About entry no. #78 #79 . The idea is about a droplet of water can lighten up our environment.
  • Dear Contest Holder, please make revision of #75. It is simple, clear and understandable.
  • About #65 I tried to keep it simple and use the water drop in the shape of a light bulb, hope this idea is in the right direction of what you are looking for.
  • one design/one version only in an entry unless requested by the contest holder
  • Simple logo pict that mimics electrical symbol, in 'Hydro' terms.
  • Dear CH, About entry #108 I have created this logo with a droplet and a green turbine show the Eco nature of the company.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Entry #92 The concept is the balance between Water and Nature, represented in the simplification of a drop of water and a leaf working together. additionally represents the letter "n" of Norhydro
  • Dear Contest holder. About entry: 143/142 The idea behind the logo is to show the motion in the turbine when water runs through it. And I made two versions of the logo. Hope U like it.
  • Dear Somebody, About #333 The Font you have chosen is not suitable as it needs to be clean fonts. Serifs Will be cleanest. Hope this helps. Clever Ideas too.
  • Dear CH, about Entry #333: this logo shows the company's work nature, getting electricity out of water. about Entry #331: used some small parts of a turbine (the white negative space) at a blue background to illustrate "using-water", and at the same time: the blue background with the green shows that what this company do is environmental friendly. Thank you
  • About #330 Any pointers for improving it? Thought I might try the Solid Logo. Don't know how much I followed my own advise from my last post... Gotta try new things. And I want to say thanks to all the other designers for inspiring me to push myself harder. Thanks Designer.
  • TO make this easier, I am going to list some noted elements for any newcomers. 1. Capitalized Font 2. Light to Medium Font weight 3. Water droplet in Circular design 4. Minimal Negative space within imagery 5. Logo to the left is preferred Does that about sum it up?
  • I can feel it so ... It is there and the water and the turbine and power. Well... many major exclamation point.
  • Here is the logo with the icon to the side of the name!