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Winning design #93 by joekong, Logo Design for open, positive design for grass roots environmental ngo Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

NQCC wants a logo that is open, positive and inclusive reflecting the environmental conservation values of the organization and the region. The name "North Queensland Conservation Council" is to be included in the logo. It needs to be reproducible in black and white as well as colour. (Colour is a strong element of the region - huge blue sky and sea, vivid green foliage and orange rock and soil.) You will see the old logo on the web site - it is felt that this logo is too closed off/enclosed, the foliage is not indicative of the area, it doesn't include the organizations name and it is too 'dry and dusty'. (Some variation of the old logo with the above considerations could work.)

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  • Hi CH, I'v just posted one idea. Many thanks AsterStyle
  • Revision to #18. Made the "N"/mountain look more like an "N".
  • Has potential. I like the clean lines. Our name needs to be more clear from a distance and the leaf icon could be less generic. thanks
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • the orange is queensland and the blue the coast while the thing in the middle is a leaf of cabbage-tree palm.
  • the colors represents the elements of orange rock, green foliage, soil and sea/sky. the letters are somewhat connected like a chain.
  • must have name in design
  • looks stylish but one of the complaints about the old logo was about it be enclosed/ bounded/static
  • too bitty in small format - need something simple and graphic
  • too bitty - prefer something simpler
  • no backgrounds allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • no backgrounds allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Dear CH, This is our "Highlighter" logo concept developed for you business. Hope you like it! Thanks,
  • Dear CH, logo modified as mentioned #113 #114 #115
  • your entry is is almost like another designers idea/concept
  • I like the font size, its clear and easy to read. The logo could be worked to be more meaningful
  • perhaps we could try incorporating the hand/leaf logo into the "Q". also prefer ochre instead of yellow. I like the font size of #92
  • i really like the concept of the hand, being a "caring" gesture. I would prefer to see our name, especially the "conservation " larger
  • Hello CH, I've submitted design #76 . I hope you like it. I wanted to point out the three elements you wanted - water (Q comma), earth (Q base), plants (simple tree inside Q) - with the specified colors. Thank you for your consideration. Regards, Zago
  • Dear CH, This logo represents the three elements/colors you referred to. Hope you like the simplicity of the design.