Pastor Consultant needs inspiring design to relate to pastors and churches about vision and mission planning.

I had two informed sources suggest I engage Design Contest for my logo. I followed their advice and am very pleased with the results. The global reach of this resource, the cost effective pricing, the fine number of options, the cooperation of the designers. All of this would make me sure I will join the two people who guided me and prompt me to send other colleagues to this site. I am tremendously excited about my new logo. In fact taking a request and fulfilling it in what I finally received has been a more profound experience than I expected. pastor dave

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Winning design #55 by ross, Logo Design for Pastor Consultant needs inspiring design to relate to pastors and churches about vision and mission planning. Contest
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designed by ross

Project description

I had worked with a couple of ideas with clip art. One image was an image of ascending Jesus with on the right. Another image was of a school of fish with to the right. I had a colorized image at one point of a line drawing of Jesus on a path going forward. But each one looks like what it is, a clip art with word art. I want more than that and that's why I'm here.

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  • I really like the idea of your company I have often thought of trying to do the same thing with graphics for churches. I hope you like the concept I've submitted I tried to go with something you described in your brief.
  • I have met a few missionaries, and i was struck by the comment that church planting is similar to a team fishing in boats. So this is a stylized photo of a team actually fishing in a boat. The Type font is Lithograph. Thank you for looking at my logo submission. Stephen
  • About #20 and #21 Hi CH, Great idea for your company can I just say before anything else. My designs are very modern, hopefully you like them. Thank You
  • No backgrounds allowed unless requested by CH
  • This is the same design. I just wanted to show that it scaled down easily and worked in black and white.
  • one design per one entry is allowed
  • one design per one entry is allowed
  • if you like any of my designs we can always work with the colors and layout of them....
  • Thank you for liking my designs. As a Christian, for me the three figures can be the Holy Trinity, our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It can also be the three figures represent us, people, that work as a team and the cross signifies our Lord and the Dove that signifies hope for us. hope i answer you question. thank you pastor dave :)
  • I really like your work. Could you tell me who you envisioned as the three figures or people? If that is a fair question. Thanks, pastor dave
  • Could you give me more gold rather than yellow?
  • Hi Ch. Thank you for the positive feedback. here is the revised of #34 i darker the info and also the VisionTeam a little bit. thank you Ch
  • Could you make the .info a bit darker? So it doesn't get lost? Very nice work !
  • Hi, i already uploaded the revised entry of visionteam. thank you pastor dave
  • I appreciate what you have offered in 54 but this one is my preferred now. Could you just darken the .info where it is? Keep everthing else as it is but just darken the .info as it goes up vertically on the right of visionteam. Thanks so much we are close to a winner. I really appreciate your work. pastor dave
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Thanks so much zerger. I am very pleased. Could I also get a hi res tiff, jpg and also a pdf file? I know I need the eps file but the other forms would help me as well. Thanks, Pastor Dave
  • Thank You Pastor Dave for selecting me the winner. i already uploaded the source file. thank you so much again pastor dave :)
  • Zerger, I think I made a mistake the way I just sent you the message. I want number 55 so as you can repost it I would appreciate it. I will then pick it as winner.