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Our professional society needed a logo. DesignContest was the perfect solution. We were very pleased with the results. It exceeded our expectations.

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Winning design #360 by untung, Logo Design for Professional Medical Society Contest
Gold Medal

designed by untung

Project description

I need a logo for a new professional medical society. The society's name is: "The International Society for Safe Sedation." I would like the "triple S" theme to be emphasized, with less emphasis on the "international." It should be professional and medically oriented. Could involve a theme relating to "sleep" (i.e., Zzz, night sky, dreams, closed eyes, etc.). I am open to new ideas. I think a combined "wordmark-pictoral mark" is likely to be best. The right emblem could also work.

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  • sir have a look #32, please give some comments. thank you
  • #26 - With the shape of the "S" new lettering style i created the form that represents something like the "levitation", the going up to the dream. Now with color, hope you like it. I can send no more proposals because the other are eliminated, and i didn't have any avaliation points, only when i get points. Best Regards
  • I like this one a lot. The "Ss" are backwards. Would like to the the "for" be in a smaller size.
  • Needs color. Would like to see a medical them worked into this. Maybe a cross behind the S...
  • Needs color...
  • Needs color
  • Needs color
  • Don't like the color scheme.
  • I like this one, but doesn't have "international." The "triple S" is a little too thick. Also, don't like the font used on the right.
  • I like this one! Can we try a diffent color without the green.
  • Clever design, but I don't see the "triple S" theme.
  • I like this, but would prefer a different color scheme.
  • I like the second one from the top.
  • I like this one. I would like to see the society name on the right side separated by a vertical line.
  • Dear CH. those are my proposals, #12 , #13, #14 and #15 . Best Regards, João Santos ( Portugal )
  • submitted three logos in three different letter arrangment: #8 #9 and #10. Hope you like it, waiting for feedback. Thank you.
  • I don't like this color scheme.
  • I like the combo symbol and word. I don't see the "triple S" theme, however.
  • #84 I respect your opinion on my design #38 (it may read 222) That's why I tried another font that is an "S" but will read "Z" when reflected... Let me know what you think, Also please see #85 Thanks; Jctoledo
  • I like this, but the SSS is 222!