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Winning design #95 by moimeme, Logo Design for Project Manager Consultant Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moimeme

Project description

Logo to based on company name PM4IT (Project Management for Information Technology). I have self-designed my current logo The symbol above the letter "i" ("dotting" the i) is the symbol that is used to represent project milestone in most project software Gantt charts. I like this concept - but I'm not married to it.

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  • dlarsen, thanks for your nice feedback... here is my revision of #12... a variation with mirrored reflection... output #34,#35,#36... hope you like it... Best regards, Alvinnavarra
  • It helps to see this variation with the black "dot" (diamond). Would it be possible to see a variation with mirrored reflection (as seen in #13).
  • Dear CH, here is my design #13 #14 best regards MKH017
  • I prefer the blue colour to be closer to the Cyan end of the blue spectrum (as opposed to Navy or Blue-Black).
  • Don't really care for this font. The inclusion of the full name is OK - but this format is far too wide. I would like to see a few more variations of the layout of the wording. Split above and below? Or Project Management For Information Technology
  • I am not really seeing the number "4" in the centre of this logo.
  • Don't care for this font. Seems to race car to me.
  • Seems too confusing to me.
  • hi dlarsen, do you want me to incorporate color black in "diamond" dot?? or... ill mix other color to emphasize the diamond.. Regards, Alvinnavarra
  • I like the way the slope of the number 4 is combined with the letter M. What is your opinion about using black for the "diamond" dot on the I.
  • Hi CH. #1 entry: i added a concept for your logo, the "4" symbols is represent Project Management which is two object will attach together once they will consult your company.:)
  • Hi dlarsen, Here is my concept and ideas. #57, #54, #55 and #56. I create an emblem from the word "PM4IT". I confident that this is the one of the best designs I've made. Hope I can help you in search for nice and standout logo. Have a nice day Thanks wengcharl
  • hi CH, plz review my design #112 and #113 hope you like it feedback will greatly appreciated juju
  • Dear CH, please check out #119 and #117 and let me know what do you think about them. Is vertical position of letters also acceptable for you? Best regards, sacol
  • My apologies for #114 I forgot to turn off the transparency option when saving.
  • Dear CH, This is my proposals #64 to #69 Please email me if you need some changes Best Regards, s2289
  • I'm not sure about the font type - but I kind of like the effect of the shadow, and how it makes the logo look suspended in space.
  • Thanks for your submission. I don't care for the mix of font sizes and the quad-diamond effect doesn't work for me. Thanks.
  • thanks for your submission. A bit too "clock radio" with this approach for me. Thanks.
  • Thanks for your submission. Looks like it reads PMLIT (project management literature?) at first glance.