Property Holding Company Needs New Logo to Brand our Buildings

As with the previous contest we ran, we are very pleased with the results.

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117 custom designs

28pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #90 by angelfx, Logo Design for Property Holding Company Needs New Logo to Brand our Buildings Contest
Gold Medal

designed by angelfx

Project description

The logo will be for stationary, cards, etc., but will ALSO be affixed prominently to our properties. We would like something stately with crisp, clean lines. We like the idea of a silhouetted, or perhaps lighted, oak tree to go along with the name. With respect to aesthetics, we like the full, balanced look of the Live Oak tree seen at The logo should convey the desirable aspects of nice property: attractiveness, stability, durability, etc.

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  • Hi Ch here is my entries. #15 #16 hope you like it. :)
  • Too dark, would like to see with lighter colors.
  • According to copyright laws, all these designs are not pictures, as in O'Brien photo, they are vector shapes of an oak.
  • Hi CH, can I have your opinion for my logo #41? I think this color will represent you.
  • Designers: Ajulianm makes a good point. We pointed to the tree by Mr. O'Brien as an example as really like the look of it. Going forward, can you please capture the look and feel, but also make it different from the source so that we are not infringing on any copyrights?
  • This is looking good. Can you emphasize acorn a bit more?
  • Can we see this with the tree not symmetric, but natural. Also just a single acorn instead of the multiple?
  • Can we see this with the original tree to which we pointed. Same style as #6, but the same color as you've used. The only other change would be to make "holdings" the same color and density as "property"
  • I see a few designers using the sample image provided - Oak Tree by Robert O'Brien. Is Mr. O'Brien ok with his image being manipulated for this logo?
  • clipart is not allowed the tree you used is found here
  • See comments on #6.
  • Can we see with acorn completely eclipsing the letter O, and maybe silhouette the acorn. Also can we make the tree either green or black.
  • More acorns maybe?
  • Hello CH, #73 hand made tree, i might go darker green on the next draft. ready to make changes if you like.
  • Stylish, but not for us.
  • I like what you did with the tree, but it's just not suitable for our purposes.
  • Dear CH this is my new entrie. I hope you like. I am at your disposal for any amendment or review. Greetings. Celia Moimeme
  • Hello CH. I added roots to my design to give the idea of "stability", and the word "holding" would be the ground/base of where the roots are digging its way through. Feedback please
  • Thank you for the rev. Maybe one more on this. Would like to see with the leaf deleted and the arc continuing through where the leaf was.
  • We like the innovative acorn in the "O". Can we see the proportions changed a bit. With the object sizes relative to each other, the tree a bit larger, and acorn a bit smaller.