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Atilla really took my project brief into consideration and created a logo that captures the style of my business. She was very easy to work with. I would certainly work with her again!

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Winning design #28 by Atilla, Logo Design for Rebelle OM Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Atilla

Project description

I am a massage and bodywork therapist with an edge, who specializes in trauma release. I help people release trauma through meditation, energy healing, breath work, movement, dialogue, and you guessed-massage/bodywork. 

I am looking for a design to represent my work without being the normal airy-fairy, healing-feeling fluff of most massage and energy workers. Think sacred healing with a punk-rock/ rock n roll vibe- (welcoming, safe and empowering F@#!-YEA!)
I would like the logo to help people connect with their warrior within focusing on empowerment after working through the muck. I like the idea of a moth as a moth must be comfortable navigating the dark in order to find the light. I like the idea of a more abstract moth. 
I'd like it to be more feminine (hence Rebelle not Rebel) while still appealing to my male clients. 
Little to no borders. I like stars. 

These are my thoughts but I am open to any and all suggestions/ideas. You are the expert here :) 

My tagline: Free Yourself, Find Yourself

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  • I like your design. I think the hands are a nice addition but they seem a little heavy/dark. #3
    • About #3, @starwalkermassage I heve one with colors but I can post it

    • About #3, @starwalkermassage I heve one with colors but I can't post it!

  • Other type of font @starwalkermassage. Thanks. #83
  • Fresh from the oven @starwalkermassage. One is a gradient font and another is a single-colour font. Thanks :) #82
  • Super sweet and beautiful! Thanks you for sharing your design. #64
  • Wow! The colors!! Stunning!! #72
  • Love the image and the font. Thanks for sharing your skills. #79
  • please check the design inspiration that I have made #79
  • @starwalkermassage #73
  • New alternative design with a new font @starwalkermassage. Thanks :) #69
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have made the moth image more abstract and have made the font more diverse. I have minimized the number of details in the moth image, I have left only those lines that help to distinguish a moth from a butterfly. I kept the geometry that you liked. I also added some symbolism into each and every detail of the logo. The two antennae of the moth at the same time symbolize the obstacles that one has to overcome to break free, or the open door in front of the person so the person has to only find the way to get free (with your help). The dotted circle symbolizes a radar or some spotted point, something to be found (find yourself). The two half-circles on the wings symbolize dynamics. While the image of the moth looks still and calm there's an inner process going on, it's hardly noticeable but it is a movement. I have used the modern script font to accentuate the rebellion, something fresh, dynamic, not typical, breaking out among the symetrical geometrical composition (This font is also free to download). On the contrast the sans serif grotesk Futura font is modern, no extra, yet minimalistic. Hope you will enjoy this concept as I enjoyed making it :) #66
  • I changed the font and hope it not disappointing.. thanks for feedback.. #65
  • A new font style @starwalkermassage. I think this font fits the moth better than the previous font. Thanks #63
  • @starwalkermassage What do you think about this? #61
  • About #28, @Atilla Nice Design! I love the stars in the wings! Thanks for your entry!
    • About #28, Thank you for the feedback.

  • Please Cek Design With Different Font #55
  • About #36, @Jongkongan
    I love the edgy moth! Is there a edgy font that is a better fit?
    • @starwalkermassage Thanks, I will try to change the font more suitable

  • Wow! This is really beautiful! However too fancy for what I am going for. Thank you for your entry. #25
    • About #25, @starwalkermassage Thanks too

  • New concept #50
  • New concept #45
  • New font