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Project description

I am a massage and bodywork therapist with an edge, who specializes in trauma release. I help people release trauma through meditation, energy healing, breath work, movement, dialogue, and you guessed-massage/bodywork. 

I am looking for a design to represent my work without being the normal airy-fairy, healing-feeling fluff of most massage and energy workers. Think sacred healing with a punk-rock/ rock n roll vibe- (welcoming, safe and empowering F@#!-YEA!)
I would like the logo to help people connect with their warrior within focusing on empowerment after working through the muck. I like the idea of a moth as a moth must be comfortable navigating the dark in order to find the light. I like the idea of a more abstract moth. 
I'd like it to be more feminine (hence Rebelle not Rebel) while still appealing to my male clients. 
Little to no borders. I like stars. 

These are my thoughts but I am open to any and all suggestions/ideas. You are the expert here :) 

My tagline: Free Yourself, Find Yourself

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  • what kind of font style do you like? and is this more in the abstract category? #22
  • Thanks for your entry. I am looking for something more abstract however. #15
  • Your business description was very inspiring. I also practice meditation and looking for my way to free myself through spiritual and physical practices. This is my vision of your tagline. Hope you'll like this concept. #19
    • @bikiviki I love the geometric shapes! Wondering if you can play with the font more. Also thinking more abstract moth image?

  • I love the geometric shapes! wondering if you can play around with the font more. #19
  • I like your entry. I wonder if we can do more with the font. #16
  • Thanks for your entry. It seems to cute for what I am looking for however. #5
  • Thanks for your entry. I like your use of color. I wonder if there is a more suiting font though. #17
  • Thanks for your entry. I am looking for a more image based logo. #8
  • I like your design however the moth seems to cute for what I'm going for. Perhaps less rounded wings? #9
  • I like the font! I like the moth better then the person stretching. #4
  • I like your design. I think the hands are a nice addition but they seem a little heavy/dark. #3
  • Thanks for your entry. I am looking for something more abstract however. #2
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  • Please check my design, i use these color combos which gives a warm feelings. Thanks @starwalkermassage #16