Redesign logo HSV Technical Moulded Parts

We, HSV in Holland, were looking for inspiration for a new logo. After starting the designcontest within a couple of hours we got the first entry. During the 2 weeks that followed, almost 200 followed. Some of the designers entered several. We fully enjoyed the contest and love the outcome.

$500 paid

191 custom designs

60pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #128 by JayD505, Logo Design for Redesign logo HSV Technical Moulded Parts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JayD505

Project description

This contest is to create a new logo for HSV Technical Moulded Parts HSV Technical Moulded Parts is one of two independent companies of the HSV Group, that share their passion for plastics: - HSV Technical Moulded Parts, HSV TMP - HSV Packaging & Insulation, HSV P&I HSV TMP produces high-quality housings and large technical and structural moulded parts from various plastics. Products that are produced are for example roof top ventilation units, traffic light housings and solar plug and play fastening systems. We would like to have a new HSV Technical Moulded Parts logo. We would like to re-design and modernise our most recent group logo, but we don‘t need to have a completely different logo (evolution rather than revolution). The logo needs to have a general HSV part and a sub-title ‘Technical Moulded Parts’ . Choice of colours is free. Check out our website: Have fun, Kind regards Menno Krommenhoek General Manager

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  • Hello CH, some wrong there were happening with my images after uploading, looks very frogged and wrong red colors. But I can't delete it, and I am so sorry for bad quality of pictures.
  • HAi,CH. About #14 : Evolution : - Proper kerning on the text logo HSV - 3D Perpspective looks on new and fresh recycle icon - Using metal effects colors on the text and icon Thank You.
  • Dear designers, Thank you for all your contributions so far. We have carried out an initial rating to support your creativity. Please make sure that our sub-title Technical Moulded Parts is not too small. We rated: 20 pts 'thanks but no thanks', 35 pts 'we like to see more', 50 pts 'heading in the right direction'. Good luck, Menno
    • good evening CH... Thank you for the great message.. I uploaded revised design of my entry CH.. Feel free to ask for revisions... Thank YOU...

    • Hi CH Thank you for the rating i am very honored by the 50 points. What improvements do you have in mind for the #16 of mine? Andrei

  • Dear designers, We are impressed by the contributions you have done so far. Please note for all your input, that we are looking for a modernisation of our old logo. A next step. We don't insist on keeping the box figure in our logo. We want to take the logo further into the 21st century. Kind regards, Menno
    • hi CH,please see the entry #88... suggest any changes that you want to see in the logo... thanks

  • good morning ch. please check design #74 . thank you.
  • Hi CH, Good Day! please see design #117 . would like to know feedback from you on improving the design. thanks!
  • CH, Good afternoon! I am writing in regards to my 2 submitted designs #94 and #95. I wanted to create a modernized version of your logo as requested. The color scheme of #95 was taken from your webpage where I matched them to the machine on the top banner. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer. Thanks! :) Dina...
  • Dear designers, We are heading towards the end of the contest and would like to give the top designs some individual comments to upgrade the logos. About: #4 and #6 and #46 : We prefer a combination of the name and a shape (improvement on box figure) About #14 and #16 :these are too little improvements on the basic logo. #27 #70 and #139 : we look at 70 and 139 as one creation. Your picture looks more like the front of a drill or a screw, we are looking for something more related to the old logo. A round shape is okay. About #128 and #53 We like in logo #128 that the sub-title is more visible. Try a logo with the ball shape at the back of the logo (next to HSV). About #79 and #113 : We like the improvement on the logo to get it more 3-dimensional, but take off the sharp ends (no needles), make some variations (more friendly shape) About `#119 and #63 : We think 119 has more balance, we like the sub-title Thank you for all your contributions so far. To all designers: we hope to see you in the finals! Good luck, Menno
    • Hi #163 and #162 are my new attempts on this. disregards 161, it's smaller i exported the wrong way couldnt withdraw. strong, simple design. Mold inserted into design. Slight gradient added. Regards Andrei

    • good evening CH.. Thank you for the message... i uploaded revised at #189... Thank you CH... Feel free to ask for revisions.. Thank You..

  • Hi CH, A pleasant day to you! I submitted my design #129. Give me some feedback about my design. thanks
  • Are you able to give me some feedback? I can change the background for example. White is the standard for all logo's. I can make the logo's on a black background as well. Just let me know. Cheers!
  • >>> Hello Mr. Krommenhoek. Please check my designs. #164 #165 #167 ALTIETANTWERK <<<
  • Hi CH, Here's my new design #166. I hope I'm the right track. thanks