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Winning design #110 by 7kinds, Logo Design for Short Marine Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 7kinds

Project description

Marine business specialising in selling and servicing boats.

Looking to create something rather basic. Similar to the logos attached. In particular the 'Andrew Short Marine' logo.

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  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck. #225
  • hope you like it, let me know if you have modification. thanks.. :-) #186
  • Hi there, could you please take a look at my design #179? Many thanks.
  • is this on ok? #168
  • Dear sir
    Please see my designs.
    and If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
    I'm working for you, waiting your answer.
    Thanks. #167
  • made the logo as more possible to your inquire! #144
  • HI, Its me 2nd entry in your contest, waiting for your valuable feedback. thanks #142
  • hi ch kindly check my design #116 and #117
  • Looks great.
    Can I please see the 'SHORT' in bold though and the 'MARINE' in the slightly thinnner font. So just swap the two fonts around #89
  • Just another out of the box option. #108
  • out of the box option #107
  • please youre feedback about my design
  • And if you could continue to try different fonts that would be great. I really like this logo just want to tweak a few things to get it 100%
    • About #26, @samanthonyshort Hi, I submit new design. You can check my new entry #84, #88
      Hope you like it more.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  • Can we also have a look at incorporating the small fish as on 'Andrew Short Marine' logo to the bottom underneath the 'H'.
  • Can we have a look at what it would look like if we changed the birds to ones similar to #69 (one big one, one little one) like you've done in this one. #26
  • Just to see, can I look at the same logo but move the fish over to the right and down a bit.
    Move the gold stripe over to the right a bit (so the starting point of the line starts at the end of the letter 'H' and leave the seagulls where they are expect drop them directly down a little bit #69
  • Can we try a font same as #3 except 'short' and 'marine' all one colour #69
  • Could i see this logo with font similar to:
  • Great.
    Are you able to try the exact same logo just with a few different fonts? #69
  • THIS ONE, but with gold stripe and gold fish/birds

    And black writing