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Project description

Who we are:

Solid Command, Inc. researches, builds, and provides consulting services for niche software, visual and product design needs.

We enjoy solving uncommon problems and provide expertise in the following areas:  Product design, (model surface analysis and mesh correction; problem analysis & solution design/prototyping/testing).  Software, (web accessibility review/training/remediation; testing/deployment/telephony/process automation; web/native/appliance/UI/3D/kernel R&D).  Visual, (schematic/infographic design; secure physical document design).

Our target audience(s):

Our customer base is comprised of both commercial and government/military entities.  Our project volume is 45% software-related, 40% product design-related, and 15% visual-related.  The majority of our software projects involve web accessibility compliance.  Most of our product work focuses on exterior surface design for firearms/accessories and other military/law enforcement-related equipment.  The bulk of our visual projects are equipment assembly schematics used in training materials.

We're looking for a unique, clean design that visually communicates strength and precision.  We'd prefer the design to have hints of military design patterns/elements, as a nod to our government clientele; however, any such treatment should remain subtle to avoid confusing or dissuading corporate/commercial customers.  We have no predefined brand colors or fonts.

Colors: We prefer grays, as well as darker/less-saturated blues and reds.

Formatting: The ", Inc." is optional in "Solid Command, Inc."  Solid Command can be title case or capitalized.

Iconography: No human silhouettes.

Typography: No serif fonts.  We prefer commercial fonts, preferably families with web font versions available to license.

Variants: Design should be suitable for use on white or black background (or include variants).  Multicolor logos should be suitable for monochromatic output.

Iconography: Prefer symbols, imagery and other design themes that visually communicate one or more of three basic properties: solid, commanding, and strong.  For example, this would likely include the use of sharper geometric edges over softer/rounded edges for imagery. 

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