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Winning design #94 by sorenschroder, Logo Design for The best online niche media in Denmark needs new logo Contest
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designed by sorenschroder

Project description

The logo we are looking for should consist of an original and recognizable icon and a text that would work well together as well as separate.

The colors of the football club are blue and yellow. It would be elegant if the logo could integrate these colors in a discrete way thus highlighting the connection to the club, but it is important that the logo is not overdoing the tricky combination of blue/yellow.

Here is some color inspiration:
(This is just inspiration. You are free to be creative. It could also be interesting to see the color green (grass) in the logo)

The logo should communicate the we are a serious, knowledgeable site, but also that we are passionate, dedicated, innovative and "fresh".

The logo must also have a clean visual style.

The name of the site "" means "90 minutes" and is referring to the length of a football match.

You can see our current logo at It is inspired by a digital scoreboard and the "pacmen" are inspired by 45 minutes on a clock. The new logo doesn't necessarily need to feature these elements. It is just inspiration.

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  • Now uploaded a new logo with the adjustments you wanted.
  • I can't choose "i'd like to see a revision" Sorry about not giving correct feedback. I am just learning the system in here.
  • Could you press "I'd like to see a revision" for #57, cause I have only 3 designs permission entries left? Thank you.
  • I'll try to upload a new version of #33 with mentioned adjustments later today.
  • Great look. Great use of colors and a nice touch with the really discrete blue and yellow. It would be nice to see the logo without the shadow under the icon. And maybe a version with a less glossy icon? Even though it looks really smooth :-) Great job!
  • It seems like the football icon is too generic - at least the really basic version as seen here. But I like the clean look and the discrete coloring.
  • A nice clean and elegant proposal. Good job. I think we would still like to see the icon separated from the logo type as seen in #33. We don't really want 90min highlighted in the logo. 90min is our "old" domain, but in the future we are gonna brand
  • it is important for us, that the logo says
  • all the name I haven't seen any entries with 9 + 45 min packman ; ) clock You might be find it interesting.
  • same concept as 56 > links to with the 45 min packman ; ) clock
  • when I write or search > goes to this short link > , this might be a shortcut direct to which is kind .. long in this concept I have the 9+ball as 0 90, the zero 0 could be ball rather than clock , (its an idea)
  • Hope you like my design...
  • The style of this logo is a bit too far away from what we are looking for.
  • I like the simplicity of the logo, but it is unclear what it really communicates.
  • I like the logo type in this logo. It works really well. I am not too big a fan of the crowd, but I like the idea of a crowd. Could it be simplified into an icon? Great idea with the small examples of the logo.
  • I love the simplicity and elegance of this logo. It also has a unique icon to go with the logo type. It would be cool to see some more examples of this logo. Perhaps try to use the logo type of proposal #43 together with this icon?
  • Hi, My entry has two possible colour schemes. I prefer the bottom one as it is reminiscent of the nike 90 ball where as the top one can be mistaken for a tennis ball. I chose the team colours and green (grass) background for now, but that can be altered to fit your site design. The ball part (90) can also be used on it's own for captcha, article headers, etc...saving you space. Cheers, Varun
  • This is considered 2 separate design concepts. Please resubmit as 2 separate entries. Thanks!
  • To the contest holder: I hope you would like this idea. To the other designers: I have send a question, about if this is a 2 designs in 1 entry to the help board and I am waiting a reply.
  • Thank you for your comment.