The Canton Fair Experience

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designed by farha

Project description

A Unique Canton Fair Experience - Our Business Consulting Firm Offers the Ultimate Hands-On Product Research and Sourcing Course for Entrepreneurs 

Our business solves a problem - We noticed a severe knowledge gap in product research and sourcing for entrepreneurs wanting to start a profitable e-commerce retail business on or other platforms; or those wanting to be successful in wholesale to brick and mortar stores. 

Our solution - We decided to do something about it by creating the ultimate hands-on course for entrepreneurs with over 20 hours of webinars teaching everything from product research and development of unique products, understanding costs and essential numbers, to manufacturing processes and intellectual property considerations. The course ends with a hosted trip to the Canton Fair in China where we reveal a product we've been working on throughout the course and negotiate a deal with a factory right in front of the group, teaching the skills necessary for each course attendee to do the same with confidence. 

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE DESIGN - We must point out that the Canton Fair is NOT our event and we do NOT own the rights to ANY of the Canton Fair logos, slogans or photos so anything used in the logo cannot overlap or violate Canton Fair copyrightsChina accounts for 15% of all economic activity in the world due to manufacturing. It’s no surprise that China is known as The World’s factory.  The Canton Fair, officially known as The China Import and Export Exposition, is the world’s largest gathering of suppliers in one location. If you want to buy something, import something, or manufacture something, the Canton Fair is the place to be. 

WHY THE CANTON FAIR EXPERIENCE? It's not just sourcing at Canton Fair, to really help the success of our entrepreneurs we start the Canton Fair Experience course with 2 months of training in the background knowledge of choosing the right product, understanding the marketplace and meeting customer needs and ending it right where these entrepreneurs will be most successful in directly sourcing their products.

 “Entrepreneurs want to attend the Canton Fair, but an experience like this can be overwhelming and scary if you’ve never talked face to face with a supplier before” We are pairing with experienced professionals in the industry to grow the course so it can be open to more people in the future. “I can’t wait to see how these businesses thrive with this information, and use the feedback to improve the course for our next trip to Canton in October”

Our logo needs to show that we are a professional business consulting firm offering an experience AND education like no other. Preparing startups and existing retail business to take it to the next level. 

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