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Winning design #50 by GAKA, Logo Design for The Power Within Us Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

We need a Logo and various presentations of it's translation  for our new brand. 

The Brand Name is " The Power Within Us" 
register domain

It can also be shorten as focusing on the PW (Power Within)
if the idea of the brand is well represented by it.

In terms of colour scheme it would be great if we could incorporate the rainbow spectrum to it. But that's not mandatory.

It's a spiritual brand which represents the following values:

"Created to connect all different experiences and lines of spiritual revolution it's for all whom want to change the world and make it a better place for all humans beings and living creatures.
It will talk about meditation, life experiences, current experiments and developments on the unknown fields and unknown realms of the the universe.
It's a place where you can be totally free to express your views and share your love for the world."

"We want to help to change the world. We want to make a difference , it doesn't matter how big it will impact and how great it will be. What matter is that we are taking a step forward and doing it from our hearts.
We can all do it, The Power is Within us!"

"This page is for all those whom want to discover the power within ourselves and how we can experience it in our reality."

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  • Hello Sir,
    Can you please give me feedback for the design, or maybe stars, so i will know how to improve it before the end of the contest?
    Thanks! #148
  • oi Joao gostei deste Logo , mas nao das cores .. a nossa inpiracao vem do arco-iris , vc pode desenvolver also mais colorido mas ao mesmo tempo simples and clean
    • About #12, @sabrina2

    • About #12, @sabrina2

    • Hi, Sabrina!

      I'll be glad to improve it and try to input a better color scheme. I'll send you the update today. Thank you for the feedback.

      About #12, @sabrina2

  • Hi, Here are my 2 concepts for your logo, let m know what you think and what would you like to change.
  • About #115, @AzeemDesigner

    new entries to your contest. I have tried to use simple and elegant technique, let me know what you think.
  • About #114, @AzeemDesigner
    Hi there, Here is my new entry for your contest, your feedback will be helpful
  • Human with lotus #109
  • Hope you'll like it,,
  • it's simple concept it's show power and unity hope you like it.
    thanks #104
  • ​Hello,
    I appreciate your description but with a little discussion the work will be better, I need to having a feeling & look about your website (URL) of your business, and also I have a concern about the color scheme that you really want the logo to be. also do you intend to print your logo onto a particular materials in near the future as(wood, cloth, glass, mugs, ..etc) ,what about animating logo ?
    and finally would you like the logo to be a letters as (Facebook, Coca-cola, Samsung, Google..etc) or shape with letters like (Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes, BMW, ....etc) ?

    thanks a lot.

    (1) URL of your business website ?
    (2) Color scheme ?
    (3) Printing purposes ?
    (4) animated logo is good or bad 4u?
    (5) Letters or Shape or both ?
  • Here's my logo. Hope you like it. Good luck #100
  • Logo idea.. hope you like it.. Good luck #99
  • New logo design #87
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Goodluck #74
  • Hello Sir,
    Can you please give me feedback for the design, or maybe stars, so i will know how to improve it before the end of the contest?
    Thanks! #69
  • A logo with different position. Colorful, black and white color. You can use it in Everywhere. Do not forget to rate. Thanks. #58
  • IF you like leave a rating #41
  • A modified design & text #29
  • mmm sorry about the link .. the colours of the trinity flame are normally blue pink and yellow , maybe if you goggle it _ I'm going to add some new images for inspiration for the designers ... #24
  • Hi. The link its not working, but i have a clue what you may like. #24
  • Hi I like this but could you play with the colours a bit ?
    Maybe the central circle with the rainbow spectrum ? Not sure .. #21