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Winning design #62 by Iridith, Logo Design for New logo needed for  MustacheXP Contest
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designed by Iridith

Project description

The company name is MustacheXP and it's a video game production company. I am looking for the most epic mustache. Please just a logo followed by MustacheXP Please add tm after name

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  • Also can u make the character tan and make the monocle on his right eye? Also raise the mustache position a little. Thanks
    • Hello again CH :) Here's a revised version of the logo - #20. Let me know if you'd like to see more changes. Best regards, Iridith

    • Can i see a version with round glasses and a little more tan? Thanks

    • Uploaded two versions with glasses and a bit darker skin - #26 and #28.

  • Nice to have you back :) can you please change the top hat and xp gold to green
  • I didn't like 15 so much. Can you maybe add a black rectangle on top of the green? Thanks so much
    • Thanks for suggestions, please check #16 Thank you very much

  • Can you make the top part of the logo look like a top hat? Thanks
    • Thanks for suggestions, please check #15 Thank you very much

  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • Can you place the logo on top alone with the writing below and have xp the sam size as the writing add tm and make it black with xp in green. Thanks
    • hello theredwhale. Thank you. Please check my #13. Thank you..

  • Can you please change orange to green please.
    • thank you.. please check my #12 thank you very much

  • Hello theredwhale, I uploaded design #11. Hope I'm on the right track. Please feedback. Thanks
  • Hi, Please let me know what you think of my design #8. I can make any changes you would like. Thank you!
    • sorry, I forgot to add TM but if you like it I will add it in my next upload. Thanks again!

    • Just added #10 which includes the TM and features a different style of mustache. Please let me know what you think. Thank You!

  • Bigger mustache, we're trying to sell the mustache experience :D thanks
  • Please no logos in the name
  • do you want video game production company below the logo
  • Black mustache please
    • Alright sir, will do it to you.... Regards, J.E

  • Hello CH, Please say diections of my entry #2 or rate it to know what to do next. Regards, J.E.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Do you have any specific colors in mind?
  • I'm looking for a logo more than an image. Thanks
    • If you can be a little more descriptive, it would help in getting a clear direction of the vision you have in mind. Thanks

  • Hi CH, I have created #1 for your consideration. While I highlighted the 'mustache' feature, I also wanted to reflect the 'video game' aspect of your services by providing certain colors and tones to the text. Your feedback would be appreciated. Please note that colors can be changed as per your choice and feel free to ask for any other changes. Regards EcoDesigns
  • Can i see a version with aome cool round eye glasses? thanks
    • No problem. I will submit something soon. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Uploaded #47 and #48 with circle glasses. Let me know what you think. If there is anything else I can please let me know. Thanks again.

  • give ur valuable feedback abt #44 , n suggest wht actually u want frm the design
    • It looks very 'cartoony' i want some thing that gives vibe that adults can relate to.

  • Hello CH, I uploaded another entry in 8 bit style - #43
    • Thanks can you make the xp in 8 bit style with the original logo