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Winning design #112 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for Through the Eyes of a Child Contest
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designed by sikdesigns

Project description

JAW Productions Worldwide has created a 5 day Program called “Through the Eyes of a Child: The Fundamentals of video Production, a hands on experience” This program will teach children the basics of video production, from idea through a final edit. The overall goal of ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ is to develop a passion and understanding of video production and to teach children a new and relevant form of creating and communicating that will transcend their life experience. The tools and knowledge that they will acquire during their 5 days with JAW Productions Worldwide will be beneficial to anyone that comes on our journey.  




The FAVORITES have been posted, we think that they do the best job combining Kids, Video Production and the subtle EYE.

I have updated the colors ...

Good luck ...  I am blown away by the quality of work EVERY artist has put forth.   It is an honor to see your work.

I look forward to seeing what's next.


JAW Productions Worldwide

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  • A young approach for the kids! #161
  • I hope you like this Sir :) #150
  • text in pupil #149
  • The colour of text Child is changed #148
  • Poping thru the eyes of a child #147
  • Variations in blue color only #146
  • The pupil has a boys and girls #145
  • Your feedback is important, Thanks, #144
  • Here's with a background version
    please tell me if you want to add or change about this

    Thanks #128
  • hi @jodicsiegel here is a revision of my previous design, hope you like it
    tell me if you want some more changes about this

    Thanks #127
  • Getting there ... Can you simplify the eye even more? Very Well Done.

    Try and give a couple of other versions of the Font ... Less Bold
  • Pn of the best ... this is a great font but I would like to see others and maybe incorporate Silver too. #51
    • @jodicsiegel Great! Glad you like it. I have added #112 with some silver in it, also added a few gradients. I will work on a few more proposals with different fonts for you as well. Thanks

  • Can you make this bigger please #97
    • About #97, @jodicsiegel ok i'll

  • I like the concept ... Can you make the child less gendered and vary the fonts. #56
  • I love where you are going with this ... A couple of notes ... Can you simplify the Inner eye for Embroidery, etc ... Also stack

    Through The Eyes
    ---- Of A ----

    Can you also create some variations of the font itself and add silver too. #80
  • Hi @jodicsiegel, Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve my design. #43 More than glad to help. Thanks
  • simple logo combine video recorder with a child. hope u like it ch :) #94
  • About #86, @chaz19020

    Told the entire story and since your sponsoring it included your icon.
  • Felt with all the copy involved telling the message, an emblem style wouldn't work well. Will re-work, but consider this open format please. #86
  • Feedback #76