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Winning design #52 by nicolets , Logo Design for Étiène Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

Hi Designers!

I'm looking for a minimal and modern logo for a brand that I would like to start up. UPDATE: It will be mainly beauty and jewelry products:
necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. 

I would like the designer to incorporate the golden ratio / fibonacci sequence into the design:
MAIN POINT: golden ration ex. http://thewonderofphibykevinandashley.weebly.com/the-golden-ratio-in-everyday-life.html


I have attached an image of the current logo. I would prefer something simple, but it does not have to look exactly like the logo 

I provided. It is up to your design and imagination! The logo should depict luxury / quality.

The logo design file should be a vector image so I easily scale and change sizing. The logo will be used as a single solid color 

each time (either black, white, or gold).

Thank you very much for your time!

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  • Sir please Check #225
  • Sir check please #224
  • sir please check #223
  • Can you please show how you incorporated the golden ration into the proportions of the logo. Please try some different fonts. #50
    • About #50, @BIGinc good evening CH.. I submitted revised design of entry.. Thank you very much CH for this great ratings..

  • try incorporating the golden ratio to the capitalized E. #104
    • About #104, @BIGinc you can see the modifications here #214 #215 if you need another change feel free to tell me

  • sdr
    I hope you like it... Please feedback... Thank you... #213
  • please kindly check my logo proposal. thanks #210
  • Try your logo with a capitalized e that incorporates the golden ratio. #114
    • About #114, @BIGinc thanks for your direction, i'll try. i'm learn a lot from your contest. best regard

  • Try incorporatin the golden ratio to the capitalized e. #97
  • My design, followed the chrome gold effect you mentioned and have gone with a luxury, simple design. Any feedback would be great thanks #198
  • Please Check #185

  • Logo Design
    Hope You Like :) #171
  • @BIGinc good day please check and rate my first entry #166 #165 . feedback appreciated
  • Logo idea. #157
  • All my designs are versions of the same logo that can be used in different ways and in differents backgrounds #143
  • Hello Sir,

    This design incorporate the golden ratio, A Fibonacci spiral created by drawing circular arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling, Let me Know If anything is unclear. #137
  • Please use different font, more clean and elegant. Thanks for showing how you've applied the golden ratio, finally someone that gets it. #84
    • Thank u for your valuable comments, soon i will show new design as per your requirements with golden ratio About #84, @BIGinc

  • sir, thank you for the appreciation you give to designers me, tell me all design is one of the font design work that I made with my own hands, thankyou verymuch #130
  • please see my work #111
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