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Winning design #103 by zerin74, Logo Design for Trading Forum needs it`s first Logo Contest
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designed by zerin74

Project description

As you can see the current design is very minimal, and I intend it to be this way. I envision the logo to catch your eyes though. I like the contrast between old and new, so if you can combine modern design elements and at the same time present a mature logo that would be a big plus.

As for colors, I would like them to be strong ones or black & white. If you can present the logo with different color schemes that would be very nice. Don`t take into account the current few colors on the site (I`ll adapt the design after the logo).

Full keyword to work with would be:
Technical Analysis Trading Forum
Charts or bulls and bears would be example elements, but I have no opinion on what would be best (I advice against including advanced charts actually). You can include the name "Chart Traders" or just the initials "CT", but I think the full name would be best.

Established sites in the same segment are:

Please ask if more info is needed, I`ll be following this one closely.

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  • That is a great bull! Subtitle is unwanted though as mentioned.
  • dear CH, i had posted my 1st entry #54 , i had tried to made it simple , modern and elegant... thank you!!
  • CH: Here is my new submission...I hope this is more your style! I used both a bear and a bull. -lperwas
  • Hi CH, here is my first entry. Going for a very bold, simple design with a tech edge. Can play around with / remove the tagline. Thank you, and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • For those of you who haven`t submitted yet, or want to refine, I have three words: Large, dynamic and dynamic!
  • Very nice, I see bulls everywhere here though. Bulls are no more positive than bears for professionals. It`s like yin yang. Logos with both bull and bear will be favored.
  • Nice play with the letters, good logo presence.
  • Very elegant, nice color scheme. Could be stronger logo relation to trading.
  • About #8 I designed a logo that represents the brand with a modern and glossy style, I hope you like it.
  • About #31 Hi Ch, this is my first entry. I made a simple and clean logo with bold colors and fonts. combining initial C and T,also forming arrows (left-right-up-down) there. appreciate for any feedback, hope you like it. Thank you
  • Nice! This approaches the dynamics I want while looking great in balance and cleanliness.
  • Nice try (you listened), but I`m afraid the logo feels too generic.
  • Hi, Thanks a lot for your feedback (#18). If you need any changes, font, collors...Just tell me. Thanks again
  • Looks clean but too thin, id like it to be "in your face" while looking good. The abstract bull and bear is a good idea but it`s maybe a bit too abstract here.
  • Iperwas, yes I`ll use the whole logo including test. You decide if CT or Chart Traders would fit best.
  • I see that some of you have included a phrase under the logo, but I didn`t intend it to be like this, and I think it also looks stronger without now as I see it.
  • Let me also mention that neither font or background color is decided, please feel free to use something else than white if you feel like it.
  • It looks very well balanced and smooth, but the logo don`t convey the site`s message that well.
  • Nice idea with the candlestick, but too formal.
  • Nice and clean and a prominent logo.