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Project description

We are an upscale Home Remodeling and Renovation Company. Our primary services are Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels, Deck Construction and Patios, and Basement Finishing. We offer our Clients 3D Designs or proposed Construction. All Designs should speak to the Construction Industry. 

Our target Customer is middle aged Homeowners with higher end projects and budgets. 

1. Designs should be more square in format. 
2. Designs should not rely on the text and be able to be separated from the text. 
3. Fonts should be clean, architectural, non slanted fonts and/or slight handwritten versions. 
4. Final Design should be Modern, Classy, Timeless, with high end and luxury characteristics. 
5. Designs should not be overly busy.

1. All designs should avoid; Gradients, Shadowing, Textures, and Shading.
2. All designs should be submitted with a Primary Color over White - Secondary Color over Black or Navy Blue - Greyscale
3. Embroidery is the main focus, lines should be clean, crisp, and conducive to embroidery and screen printing. 
4. No designs should be submitted on Business Cards, Tee Shirts, or mugs as an example. Only the design please. 

1.  Brand Recognition
2. Adaptability - A logo that can work well with simple additions for Holiday and Special Occasions. (Example: Christmas, Easter, 10 Year Anniversary. 
3. Designs can show the transition from Plan Concepts to Blueprints -to the Final Product. (Example: Old to New .... or .... Concept to reality)
4. Design should be able to relate to Home Remodeling and Construction. 
5. 3 Dimensional Designs are a bonus.

1. Wrenches - Please no wrenches in the design.
2. Italics Fonts
3. Mirroring and designs with more than three colors
4. Designs that only initials

          Items that can be included
1. Tools: Pencil, Tape Measure, Compass, Level, Hammer, Square, Ruler
2. Limit the Use of "Points" and "Arrows" 
3. Windows, Dimension Lines, Doors, Chimney, Tree, Sun
4. Designs that have the Company Initials in them (Example: TPDR    or TPR_)
5. Designs that include the Year Established ( Example: Est 2007)

Please review the designs submitted already and the comments to the designs for additional information and guidance. We try to comment on most designs.

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  • just tell me if you want it separated..good luck CH.. #1039
    • About #1039, @onin I would like separated files of each version. PNG and Vector format. Only small change is the bottom one, center the picture over the text.

  • Winning Revisions...................https://www.designcontest.com/data/contests/16820/a.png #1012
  • https://www.designcontest.com/data/contests/16820/a.png . Here is the revisions requests. Once you upload the revisions you will be awarded. .....Thank You!!! #1030
  • This is my contribution to your new logotype. I've taken full note of your brief and translated your wishes into what I think will work best for your new visual identity. The typography is clean and minimal, and gives a strong and elegant feel, without disturbing the othe elements. This would work well in any context/space when competing with other elements such as text, images or other logos.

    The mark was inspired by a floorplan. You could argue that by hiring Turning point, the circle in the logo spins, resulting in an new floorplan design. I hope you like it. And ofcourse I am open for feedback.
    Good luck with your choice!

    Best regards
    Fredrik #1037
  • LOGO DESIGN #1034
  • i hope you'll like it..good luck on choosing for the winner.. #1030
  • Final Revisions:......1.) Add a gap between the drawing and text......2.) Spread the text of Designer out so it is the same length as Turning Point.....3.) Make the Design one color, either orange or blue. Final Color will be chosen later......4.) I like the arrow under the house, not sure if that is the best place for it tho. Any ideas of location? ............Thanks.. I will select a winner tomorrow. #1023
  • Eliminate the Bottom Design #1023
  • Final Revisions Please......1.) Dimensions Lines need to be more crisp and clean.....2.) Line Under Renovations can be removed....3) Add a version without the Pencil and S arrows and add a version with. ...........Thank You! I will select a winner tomorrow #1012
    • About #1012, @kaswetlik Forgot one.....4.) Change to O to a regular text font of the version that does not have the pencil and and arrows.

  • I think this would look great over black but it is a little busy with the "o" #1015
  • @kaswetlik can I join the contest ?
  • Last request. In the designs can we see a few differnent font options for Turning Point and Designer. Renovations font is perfect. Colors will be chosen with the final design.
  • I am planning to select a winning design on 24-48 Hours and end the contest early. I also added a few dollars to the prize pool as a thank you for all your work! We appreciate it.
  • Also I really like the box you put around the house. I would like to see a few different styles of the box and layout of the box tho. Great job on the S of the arrows. and justifying the text. #1002
  • I like that you cleaned up the lines in the house. I want the pencil tip to seem like it just wrote 2007 tho, the bottom of the pencil may be too low. I really love the O design but fear it is too much detail for embroidery. #1003
  • I like the bottom arrow that looks like it is drawing up from under the house. The upper arrow could use some re positioning. #1011
  • I am not sure if I like the shaded black shadow or if I don't. I will let you know #1011
  • F: The multiple colors of the line drawing are too much #1011
  • I do like this design We are hoping to have just one pencil if possible, maybe making it seem like the pencil drew everything. Two pencil's can work if needed. #1004
  • I like the simple concept but we actually are set on using the house that I showed in the brief. I will be closing the contest Friday or Saturday if you have a few options you want to submit. #1005