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Project description

i need a new logo for a website/service that offers smart guest management software tools and invitations. 

i have included the existing logo. 

i would a new logo - clever, clean,  modern, and colorful.

it has to communicate in a CLEVER way:
* smart software tools
* guest management
* invitations

you can use parts of current logo if you would like to or you can use your own graphics

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  • Like... don't like... like, but... any input would be appreciated. Thank you. #70
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  • Hi, thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your logo development. I wanted to incorporate all elements into one icon without making it busy or hard to understand. First we started with the light bulb but I made it out of a gear as this represents precision, smart, team work, etc. The love birds in the middle re[resent a wedding couple with a rainbow which represents shinning couple. The gear makes the lights come on and while it is screwed into the socket and working it produces the invitations. Very clever and very dynamic design. Thank You! #60
  • Hi @yzidell2 , please check my design and feel free to let me know if you need anything, thank you. #50
  • I hope You like this logo:) #40
  • I hope You like it:) #39
  • I hope you like my logo design #34
  • 2 birds + love + message + light bulb #32
  • 2 birds + love + message + light bulb/air balloon #31
  • 2 birds + love + message + light bulb/air balloon #30
  • About #13, @razu123 Greek sign of happiness and marriage....
  • unique and different design i hope you like it......need feedback #13
  • I hope you like it #14
  • Here are two different version of my design. I used a fox as the main key point since many views a fox as an clever animal. I personally didn't wanted to use lightbulb since it's a wedding company and the bulb is too industrial. I used other items that is easily associated with wedding to show it's about wedding invitation. Second logo is design with gold fox representing gold ring.
    • i understand - but i think that my users would find it confusing

  • how about this one? thanks #7
  • Hi, @yzidell2!
    Check please my entry #5. Feel free to comment!
  • Here is a different version of the design #2
  • They say it is all in a name, but what is you company's name?
    • i wold like a logo that just a graphic depiction - with no name