Wisconsin Bikes For Good, Inc. non-profit needs logo

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Winning design #81 by CKS, Logo Design for Wisconsin Bikes For Good, Inc. non-profit needs logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CKS

Project description

We are looking for a logo that strongly communicates our name and our mission. The three main words of our name do much of the work (WISCONSIN BIKES for GOOD). Color palette is open but we prefer to keep it to 3 or fewer colors. Stay away from the use of stock images and clip art. Prefer clean modern interpretations. Not a fan of color gradients. The winning logo may be colored but must also represent well in black and white/gray scale. Winning design will need to be delivered as scalable vector graphic.

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  • Hi all, Thanks so far for all the entries. We are watching them all come in and loving the creativity. So far there are several that we like. In order to spur the broadest range of entries we are going to hold off on ratings for a few days. Thanks again!
  • One design/onversion in an entry unless requested by the contest holder http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/wisconsin-bikes-for-good-inc.-non-profit-needs-logo/entry/7/report
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  • About #26,#27 Sorry about the typo, they are fixed
  • Eliminating this one since it is pretty much the same as #11 (other than the shadow).
  • Eliminating this entry because it says 'Bike for Goods' instead of 'Bikes for Good'.
  • Just FYI to all. We're not in favor of the use of '4' in place of 'for'. It's a little too tricky for the logo. Sure, sure, we used it in our profile name. Probably shouldn't have set that bad example.
  • Removing this one due to the typo. Appears to be resolved in entry #22
  • Please excuse my laughable (and rather embarrassing) spelling flub. My apologies for the error. Please disregard this entry and see my updated submission (entry #22). All the best, -Rob
  • Hello, What can I do to improve mine? Also, when I view it full page it is different colors for some reason? Did I upload it correctly? Thanks
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