The logo design the designer created clearly stood out from the competition in the contest. Very dynamic, yet modern looking targeting the audience this website should be built for. The watermark also looks great, not just a copy from the original logo, but it show how careful work of the designer. I am happy with the result and recommend this designer to anyone looking for unique logo design.

$275 paid

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32pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #54 by AureN, Logo Design for www.topgelnails.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AureN

Project description

The www.topgelnails.com website - currently under construction - will provide comprehensive information about different gel/artificial nail styles. There will be tutorials on nail building and preparation techniques with step by step explanations for beginners. Decoration techniques will also be discussed including glittering, crystal application and hand-free painting with brush. Other beauty related articles will also be featured on the web site. Target audience of the site is young women between age of 16 and 30.

The logo should have an art/emblem part preferably (but not necessarily) using the colors specified below. It should look great on the website as well as on photos (as a semi transparent watermark a smaller size). 

The logo can also incorporate nail shapes or some other artistic shapes referring to beauty/art, please be creative. 

UPDATE: I think we have enough butterfly art, I am looking for NEW ideas with other shapes.

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  • This is too much. Why do you copy others? #84
  • When I made a butterfly with a design on a pale you made it too. If my last design has a circle with an outside line you make it too. It seems that you take your ideas from others. The gel splash tried to copy AureN designs. Be more creative. #83
  • The logo should reflect a more luxury feel. Probably thinner font, some swirls, other art would make it better. #65
  • Sonicsufer,
    Why you eliminated? I would like to keep the points so i can move the level. Please give my points back. Thank you..About #53, @cp105bc
    • @cp105bc There is one more day in the contest. I would like to give a clear direction to the designers who might want to post new designs. That is why I kept the ones that fit my expectations the best.

  • I agree that the star is superfluous. I've removed it. #66
  • Thanks for this design. I like the fact that you came up with a totally different idea, which looks really playful and dynamic. However the website features straight lines, thin typography and some tweaks on the logo to look cleaner might make it fit better better with the rest of the page. #56
    • @sonicsurfer Excessive tweaks turn this logo into yet another sign of garbage. Now the logo is quite self-sufficient and good fits into the overall design of the site, slightly standing out, as it should.

  • Dear CH, thank you for inviting me. Please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #65
  • Kindly provide feedback #63
  • Actually I meant by separating Top from Gel is to apply a different font or art on each word. #57
  • The emblem looks good on the photo, especially with the "gel" highlighted. Not sure if that star fits at all, it might be its position or size that makes it look a little strange. #55
  • Thanks for this design. I think we have enough butterfly arts. Can you please use a different shape? Please also change the fonts. #49
  • However it might be good idea to separate (using different design/font) somehow TopGel since these are two words. #48
  • The swirls and the font selection for "Nails" look good. #48
  • This art seems to have sharp edges. I would be great to see something with smoother lines/swirls. #47
  • A diffferent font might work better. #47
  • It would be great if you could use a different art other than butterfly. I am curious how new shapes would fit. #22
  • A different font might work better on this one. #40
  • Is no longer possible to look at these butterflies and lotus flowers. They are everywhere, sick of them! So I suggest, in my humble opinion, a good alternative. #54
  • hello sonicsufer,
    I uploaded new design #53. Hope you like it better. Please feedback. Thank you
  • Kindly provide feedback. #39