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Winning design #87 by zac315, Logo Design for WWW.FloatPlan.US Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zac315

Project description

We are a start-up company looking for a logo for the company website FloatPlan.US A float plan is a description of your vessel, passengers, safety equipment, and trip planned itinerary. The floatplan should be left with conscientious individuals who will provide this information to authorities, should the vessel and passengers in the float plan not return by a designated time. Our logo design should have the following characteristics - Marine themed - Visually striking - Easily seen (think search and rescue)

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  • The "P" looks a little weird to me, Is that supposed to be the sun rising? I do like the stylized water line on the FP withe the domain name incorporated
    • Hello! Ive tried to transform the letter P into an emergency boat. The point inside is the head of a person. I will upload some new variations. Bye!

    • Here are my new entries #21 #22 #23 #24 . I need some feedback. Thank you!

  • Like the design, but our target market will be primarily powered boats. Also the logo seems very much themed after the Obama logo. We are not looking to invite political overtones
    • Maybe it's the use of colors which make it look like the logo of OBAMA and this was not my intention to give it a political cognotation the issue of fact is the first time I see this obama logo, anyway I'll make another design using other and changes colors thanks

  • too basic of a "design"
  • The 70's are over
  • Not marine themed
  • Difficult to read and not marine themed
  • Difficult to read and not marine themed
  • Difficult to read, and not nautically themed
  • Can't read the domain name
  • Just submitted #8, which includes two slightly different nautical themed ideas (the life preserver and the Captain's wheel), both presented in red and navy blue, to stick with the common nautical concept.
  • Zac315 Can you make a version of the Logo with the following changes -Dark blue for the potion of the domain below the waterline -Red for the potion of the domain above the waterline
    • thank you for your consideration. updated design posted with requested changes.

  • Pavian, We would like to see a three derivations on this design. Alternate #1 -the plus in the center of the Logo should be international orange -the F & P should be a blue that matches the center of the wave -the domain name should be be FLOATPLAN.US Alternate #2 -All of the above changes to Alternate #1, but with the WWW.FLOATPLAN.US as the domain Alternate #3 -Remove the "+" and just use FP above the wave -the F & P should be a blue that matches the center of the wave -the domain name should be be FLOATPLAN.US
  • any feedback on #13 and #29 ? any suggestions would be appreciated
  • The company url is FLOATPLAN.US No S
  • It just hit me, the t-top looks like the letter Pi. Try it with slightly straighter lines (juxtaposed to the flowing hull)
    • #63 Went back to original top and used a slightly more stylized haul with a sharper bow.

  • Yeah not loving the T-top, it looks like the boat is on an angle, but the top is not. Can you also sharpen up the bow of the boat. That link I sent was more for the shape of the forward (bow) section of the boat. On the last pick, look at the front of the boat...
  • This might give a better view of the alternative profile
    • New one up. This style boat is a little tricky but I think I got a good look for it.

  • This is getting very close. Can you try to stylize this profile(keep it clean and simple) I like to angle you have looking up at the bow with the boat on an angle http://www.powerboatlistings.com/powerimg/m/6286/Profile.jpg
  • Can you provide a version with a white on black for the bottom part of the image? Also can you provide an entry and change outline the windshield (not solid color)
    • Updated design posted. All versions will be included in one file if chosen

  • #65 made the top slightly smaller and further to the back