You Got Bless'd "Tag You're It"

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Winning design #8 by OriginalWit, Logo Design for You Got Bless'd
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designed by OriginalWit

Project description

I am looking for a logo design for YOU GOT BLESS'D  which is a project we do during the holiday season to demonstrate random acts of kindness throughout our community.  You can also play off YGB.  I would like to incorporate the red and green colors of Christmas.  After the logo is designed I would like to add somewhere to the bottom our slogan "tag you're it"

Thank you

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  • About #8, @punksnap I like this..can you try some different fonts for YOU GOT BLESSED and TAG YOU'RE IT?
    • @rcontreras I've entered #25 with a sans serif font and a different green. I'd be happy to make further changes- thanks for your prompt feedback.

  • Hi CH, please see entry #18..... thanks.....
  • Hi CH please see entry #9 hope to hear your feedback soon, thanks and have a nice day
  • About #4, @punksnap it should be YOU GOT BLESS'D
    • @rcontreras I've submitted #8. Thank you.

  • #1 - Hi CH - I intentionally left that bottom space of the design open as I wanted to ask if you'd like to put the "You've Been Bless'd" logo/wording/icon there? If so, can you please upload it? Is there another symbol that you'd like incorporated in that space? Thanks!
    • @punksnap YOU GOT BLESS'D is the main logo i'm looking for..TAG YOU'RE IT is just going somewhere underneath it. TAG YOU'RE IT is not the main logo i'm looking for

    • @rcontreras Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Will try again.

  • About #3, @satuky YOU GOT BLESS'D is the main logo i'm looking for..TAG YOU'RE IT is just going underneath it somewhere