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I'm starting a mortgage broker company where I sell residential mortgages to customers and would like to get a logo designed for my business.  I'm fairly open on the design, but would like to have something that is more of a modern look and feel to appeal to all ages, but particularly more towards people less than 40 years old or those who would actually buy a mortgage, using a color scheme that instills trust and is dignified, maybe even stately or exuding stature, but with a modern feel to it.  Also I would like the logo to inspire action to do business with us and focus on the person who is viewing the logo with it being focusing on "You".  The words "YouFirst Mortgage" (no space between You and First) would need to be part of the logo design.  You could have an outline of a house somehow in the image if possible.  I would like the design to be more simple so we can easily add to business cards, letterhead, etc.  easy to shrink it down or enlarge it.  Preferably would like "YouFirst" to appear above the word "Mortgage" in the logo design, but not required.  I look forward to your design.

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  • my best work for your company . #229
  • hope you like it #223
  • simple design #222
  • I use the number "1" and also the letter "U". #221
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #218
  • I need your feedback #217
  • i hope you like it #216
  • hope you like it #215
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  • @josephquednau Hlloe please see entry #150 & #151 thanks
  • Here I try to make a simple design that is also classy, ​​so you like it. thank you #178
  • Here I try to make a simple design that is also classy, ​​so you like it. thank you #177
  • I hope you like it #176
  • Left side of house silhouette as number ONE, same number integrated in to word first, related with color in word YOU #165
  • Chimney top as number ONE, related with color to YOU , and word FIRST with MORTGAGE #164
  • Y of you takes a shape of stick figure human to depict you and o of you takes a shape of key to depict mortgage #153
  • Here U of you takes a shape of house, henceforth YOU is highlighted #152