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Looking for a table top display for an endcap. We want a demo of the functionality of the Noggle so we would like the display to incorporate the dash of a car that we can hook the noggle to and this is the fan we are going to put inside them

Also we thought it would maybe be a cool idea to have the car radio dash display as a loop video demo of the noggle

we want it catchy and clean look that will grab peoples attention as they are walking by

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  • Display should be 32wx19hx17d inches there will be a fan that is 8.75h- 11.25h that will be an area where a hole will be for a picture of a dash with a hole in it that a fan will be behind the dash vent opening needs to be 3.75hx2.75w. Think of a car dash display and a small noggle will be attached to a fan. visit our website and you can see our product but this will be setting on a retail shelf in toys r us so we want this to be really catchy and clean and quickly explain the benefits of the Noggle. Keeping Kids Cool , No More Sweaty Backs, Child comfort system ect
  • I don't understand the brief, please provide more info about the project?
  • Hello! Please more information! Where it's gonna stand, Bottom or upside, what demension of display? Thank you.