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Winning design #86 by jaycobbb, Packaging Design for Mairye Estate's A-Z Snacks  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jaycobbb

Project description

A-Z Snacks is a newly established brand for Ugandan Dried Fruit.  This is a healthy, 100% natural, no sugar added, gluten free, snack.  It is naturally sweet and chewy.  By buying this product people are supporting the local farmers in Uganda.  I want to emphasize both the health aspect of this snack and the impact on local farmers.   .  A-Z Snacks in under the company of Mairye Estates  which is a farm in Uganda that has been exporting roses and herbs  to supermarkets in Europe- therefore the Mairye Estates logo should appear somewhere - on front.   Additionally, we will be purchasing the fruit from Flona Commodities ltd so their name has to appear on the back.  There will be 5 different types of fruits (bananas, pineapple, mango, jackfruit, papaya)- therefore I need 5 samples identifying the specific type. 

Type of Packaging:
-Kraft flat bag with a notch for tearing but no zipper
-Please see PDF that has exact measurements  
Packaging can be the same size but have a window so that people can see the product but it would not be kraft paper

Front of Packaging:
A-Z Snacks  
Ugandan Dried Fruit
Images of fruits (Apple Banana, mango, pineapple, papaya, jackfruit)   
A place where it says which of the fruits is inside 
-100% natural
-No Added Sugar
- Gluten Free Logo
- Organic Logo
-Mairye Estates Logo 

Back of Packaging:
-Story about how this product is coming from rural parts of Uganda and by purchasing you are supporting the local farmers.  No employment of children
-Nutritional content information 
- 100% recyclable Kraft Bag
-Bar Code
- Best Before Date (Leave an area for us to stamp)
-Fruits processed by Flona Commodities Ltd. 
- Ugandan Flag (Product of Uganda) 
-Contact information
A-Z Snacks 
PO Box 180 Kampala Uganda 
+256 0776-744-128
- Image of rural village In Uganda  or banana tree ??

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  • Here's another version with a different font
    what do you think? #87 #88
  • I don't know why you have anything about Breakfast on the back... please give me an up close of the back design #45
    • About #45, @lexie Hi Lexie, it's just preview, if u give me specific information i will put text there

  • Hi..I made a small changes...the product inside the packaging is highlighted with bright label depending to the fruits color..thanks.. #84
  • Can you move the Mairye Estates logo... I think it is more important to highlight the nutritional parts (gluten free, 100 % natural) #45
  • Can you try this model with other fruit types to see how it will look #45
  • Can you make the 100% natural no sugar added larger and more pominent on the packaging
  • Can you modify where or how you label the package (where it says banana)
  • A Jackfruitis only green on outside on inside it is yellowish color #73
    • @lexie Update is here! #79, #80, #81, #82 and #83

  • About #70, @marrtin
    The craft bag looks much better
  • This color green is great for the this section for all fruit types #73
  • I like when this part is green and you just high light the fruit as you have done #72
  • About #64, @marrtin
    I like this concept of the craft bag with image of fruit but can you try a different font
  • Lexie, Hello! I will be glad if you rate or comment on my work #77
  • About #54, @Anastasiia
    I like the highlighted fruit... Now can you just say Ugandan Dried Papaya- then you could take away Papaya label.
    Can I ask you to work on the A-Z Snacks design....
    • @lexie Thank you for comments! Here are my updates for all fruits: #72, #73, #74, #75, and #76

  • About #54, @Anastasiia
    I like the highlighted fruit... Now can you just say Ugandan Dried Papaya- then you could take away Papaya label.
    Can I ask you to work on the A-Z Snacks design....
  • I am afraid if you have the window that high the fruit might not be visible- cna you try lowering the window
  • Please look at the PDF file to see the dimensions and type of bag that I will be using..thans
  • Hi @lexie please check out my new design #70
    you can compare the two of items #64 & #70
  • Hi @lexie please check out my new design #68 #69
  • Instead of staying Ugandan Dried Fruit...just say Dried Pineapple #56