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This was a great experience. I was pleased with the quality of the submissions. I plan to use this site again for a new project.

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Winning design #52 by arbin, Trade Show Swag Design for St. Mary's Catholic School Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arbin

Project description

We are looking for a logo and copy design for our annual fundraising event. It used to be called the Gala but is now a dressy but not formal evening event called SMCS Galaxy - A Celebration of Stars. Our sports teams are the Stars so it is a reference to this with a nod to the former name Gala. We are a small school and this is our premier fundraising event. We have ambitious fundraising goals so we'd like to look polished but playful.

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  • About #5 No problem... I removed the gold curve and made STARS sparkle with a hint of silver along with the navy blue, is this more of what you had in mind? #7 Thanks... Marvel
  • Thank you for the changes. I don't love the gold curve. If you would kindly remove it, and would you also make the word OF smaller in relation to STARS. Perhaps add some gold or silver sparkle to STARS, without losing the navy entirely?
  • About #2 I appreciate your feedback... here is an update #5 I placed "Galaxy under SMCS, and I also brought in a gold accent below the silver and navy swish... hope this helps, I will make any changes you request.. Thanks again.. Marvel
  • Pretty. Can you make the blue more of a navy but not too dark? Also the blue shape, can you make it more star-like?
  • Love the gold alot. Can you move Galaxy underneath SMCS? And possibly play up the silver in the swish? Remove the exclamation point?
  • Hi Julie, thank you for the feedback. I have submit two new designs #3 and #4 for you to take a look at. Thanks!
  • razalyne, I like the stars shooting out from the center. Can you make the word Galaxy larger and stand out from both SMCS and the caption?
  • Hi, thanks for your interest. Our colors are navy and gold so include them and anything else complimentary or consistent with the galaxy theme such as silver. One or more stars in the design is what I am hoping for. Hope that helps.
  • What colors do you want included in the design. And can you provide more info on what your kinda looking for in the design. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Yes will do thank you for the feedback its very appreciated alex.
  • I Like this alot. Especially the stardust.
  • Thanks for your entry. I like the central gold. The corners are not necessary. Could you make it a little less horizontal somehow? Also, we may call the event Galaxy Night so would you add Night?
  • I like the sparkle you added. Thanks!
  • Thanks for you entry. Very nice. We are thinking of calling it Galaxy Night. Could you add Night and perhaps make Stars a little smaller in relation to Galaxy?
  • could i please have some feedback on my design #26 thank you Alex.
  • CH, Would appreciate feedback on entries #20 and #21. Thanks much. dlbonanno64
  • Would you kindly make the stars more gold than yellow?
  • Hmmm. What if it had navy and gold, which are our colors?
  • Thank you for your entry. It's more futuristic than we were thinking.
  • Thank you for this entry. I like the font of Galaxy Night. Could you make the gold bolder and make the caption more clear?