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Winning design #16 by isaadansari, Website Design for CSRS Corporate Website Contest
Gold Medal

designed by isaadansari

Project description

Redesign and refine CSRS Corporate website. Cyber Security Research and Solutions Corporation is a growing firm working in the Cyber Security field. Based in the Washington DC area, CSRS is looking to update their web presence with a more sophisticated yet sleek modern/sleek black/dark website design that reflects among others elegance, creativity, and innovation. Because of the dark website, we are looking for ideas to improve some of these areas: Readability: we need some font ideas to achieve the design objectives mentioned above. Layout: we need ideas to enhance the creativity of the layout. Contrast: how to better take advantage of darkness of the background with the lightness of the text. Header/Footer: For example, with the dark background, our header (logo and corporate name) needs to stand out more. Miscellaneous: scrolling, vertical columns on subpages, etc.

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  • ohi
    About #1 Dear CH, I did redesign of your site but I dont know is this what you meant. regards, ohi
  • Any coments about my work? What can be improved or if you need to change?
  • ohi
    About #5 thank you, Now is current logo and text is brighter. regards, ohi
  • Decent design, however the background could use some more definition besides all black. Also, the logo takes up too much space at the top of the page without any other design elements.
  • Very nice.
  • Great design, however can you incorporate our company logo and make the text a bit lighter?
  • Ohi - The design looks great, but we would like to stick with our current logo. Is there anyway you can incorporate the logo at http://www.csrscorp.com? Thanks, Jason.
  • Hi, Yes this one is mine design #4 and #9. I have made the changes and uploaded, you can review them, and if there is any changes, do let me know. I will be grateful. Thanks in anticipation. Kind Regards
  • Can you add 'Building a Safer and More Secure Future In Cyberspace' to the header?
  • Notes from my partner: See if #4 (which I am assuming is the same designer as #9) could make the necessary changes to replicate #9 (while maintaining the lighter color scheme). I would like to see what the website looks like w/a lighter framework.
  • We are interested in this design, but would you be able to make the following changes: (1) make welcome box to read "Welcome to Cyber Security Research and Solutions Corporation" and (2) delete the image between "about us" and "mission/vision/values" and make this segment a 2 column section.
  • About #10 Black lines around the text are just a bug in exporting from Photoshop.
  • Hello CH, Take your time to look at my entry #18 . (click number entry to see the best quality) Thanks, David
  • Hello Jason, #29, #30, #22, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28 - there are some slight variation on tones, accent colors,, My submitions are made to be easily incorporated into Joomla platform to your already existing page, Made few color schemes, monochrome is geat in your case, but small amount of other accent color i think will work even better, drop box, hightlited links,,, Also made preview of you subpage #31 As said everything is made to mach your Joomla template Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • Dear Jason Merriman, I submitted my design #17. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Istvan
  • Oops, late comment. Mine is #12. adding some straight-line detail to make the page more "techy". also with background "steel" pattern to make it look solid & secure.
  • ohi
    About #14 Hi, I see that you like my project. What can I do to change and improve to make it perfectly? oh, now I see you comment so my design with this text - #20 #21 regards, ohi
  • Did you do the entire design as a graphic PSD or did you make a Joomla template? If so, could you give us the joomla layout template or could you give us a price to develop one that works with your design?
  • Hi, Source files are uploaded, please check. If something missing or required, do let me know. Best of luck for your site. Thanks Kind Regards
  • Hi, It is pleasure winning a contest. I am really thankful to you too as well. Yes, That will be great, If you need any changes or also the inner pages, designed, that will be great opportunity for me. I believe this is all under term of Design Contest. Thanks Kind Regards