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The project has two pages : main page and product page. The current quite simple design can be seen here http://dev.thebootic.com/the-baby-s-world (this is a development version, we have no web site live at this point of time). Click on one product to get a product page. Colors and banner are not fixed, the user is free to upload his own banner and to change (more or less) the color of anything in the page. Your design should be as neutral as possible and still be nice whatever the choice of color (I know nothing is 100% bad taste proof, but just keep that in mind). the main page contains below elements : - A banner - A bar of links "Home ..." - A search form - A list of categories - A Instant messenger frame (just let a frame for that) - A list of 8 product (Name, Short desc, price, rating and button to add in wish list) - A more product link to see more - A footer The product page contains same elements, but products detail instead of list of 8 products - 1 to 5 photo (any size, your design must be nice from 1 to 5) - Product name - Long description - some attribute (may or may not be there) such as size, color ... - button to buy and to add in wish list - a frame with price, rating, stock, category and associated keyword (to search more product) - you don't see it in the mockup, but there is an optional frame for a video I you have any knowledge in CSS and/or HTML, please leave a comment as well. We may hire the best designer to help us make the HTML/CSS from their design.

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  • Hi Please do not separate brand and banner. Please note as well that the design may be used to sell any kind of product (toys or kids product, hand bags, shoes, adult-product ...). We may be interested on specialized design such as this one, but please guys don't do only kids design because sample is kid shop. All text displayed (category, shop name, links ...) must be TEXT at the end (it's dynamic content), please use standard police that you're sure we can define using CSS. Do NOT use graphic only police to write any text. I do not comment on color, as I said colors are free to change by the final user, we're more interested on the graphic construction of the page. Please, do not forget the product page , it's as important as the main one. I repeat, even if you don't win this contest, we may still be interested in your design and hire you to get your work or organize an other contest for you to re-submit.
  • Greeting stougard, This is my First Concept based on your Dev Layout, The Layout is fixed size and the Gray background it appear when you set your Screen to a higher resolution. The Banner picture I use is from iStockPhotos. Clean, Fun Design, I used red and green for a Kids color Schema. I do HTML and CSS coding when Needed in a separate project. Regards, -Amr
  • No, do not use any logo. You can use a grey banner (or you can make a fake one). This design is to be used as a template, but the final user will be free to upload his own banner and to change the color of everything. Your design is more about give the right place to each element listed in the description of the contest. You really can upload very simple mockup at start, I'll comment. Please check the URL I've given to have an idea of the current mockup. Guys, please note that even you don't win the contest, we may hire you to still buy your design as we need several template (or organize an other contest where you can submit again the same work).
  • Good evening, I will participate. Do You have a logo? Have a nice day! Vilma
  • There can not be 6 pictures. The system is limited to 5 pictures. Pictures are sorted, you can define a main one as more important. Everything in the dark bar at the top of the page must NOT appear in your design.
  • Hello Stougard, The white space caused of the 5th picture you required, If they are 4 or 6 there will be no space. Adding a 6th picture would fit. Also I assume you wanted to add Sticky notes which wasn't on the dev server I just added is it is 4 Links "My Basket | Wish list | Sign in | Create an account now !" Is there any thing missing or something to modify, Let me know. Thanks
  • You can setup one picture bigger to fill the empty space. The tool bar at the top of the sample web site is not included in the design (wish list, sticky notes ...), please just ignore it.
  • Hello, As requested, 5 Picture displayed, Also I managed the fix the "Be Patient with your baby!" and show it as a Hyperlink -Amr
  • Hi, I prefer we display 5 pictures without scrolling anything. You're free to place the picture as you want (vertical, horizontal, different size ...). Rgds Stephane
  • Can we Display 4 product and then put Left and right arrow for more pictures, or its required to display 5 picture in one row? If yes, Can we have more than 1 row? Like 4 pictures in one row and the 5th in another row (2nd line) Kindly Advice, Thanks.
  • Guys, please note that in the product page, you must display 5 pictures. There is no size limitation (one can be bigger than the other ones).
  • The link "Be patient with your baby" is not correctly placed. It's a link to a page, it should go in some kind of menu. Else than that, the design is quite correct to me.
  • Hello stougard, Thanks for your feedback, I Fixed the fonts to be Web Standard fonts, and CSS friendly use. This entry is the product Desc Page, I added 4 images for the main Product, and I can add Next and prev Arrows if you have more than 4 pages. Regards, -Amr
  • Good evening, The link "Home" is at the top left. And the link "Be patient with Your baby" is near at the top left of the main category menu. You can see the bigger preview by clicking on each design. Also I did other color varation. Wishes, Vilma
  • Not sure to see (preview is quite small), where is the "home" and "be patient with your baby" link ?
  • Hi there :) So its ok if I make a generic layout? If I understand it correctly it does not need to be this baby shop at all? Cheers, Stefan
  • Good evening, This is my title design version. Please, do not hesitate to say what You need to change. Have a nice day! Vilma
  • No perfect, but I love it. It's original, new, simple, strait forward. Definitely some great chances to win. Guys, don't copy this one, as I said we may buy several design at the end, so just be creative and make something on your own.
  • #16 Hi CH I upload my first design in this contest, this is eye catching one and for baby's hopefully
  • Good morning, this is product page design. I changed the background to solid color, also this color can be in the title page. Have a nice day! Vilma