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Winning design #7 by UmairAslam23, Website Design for Effective Governance Web Design Contest
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designed by UmairAslam23

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  • I have provided the existing website which I am keen to revamp. So I have provided 3 powerpoint slides that give you a clear indication of the preferred design shape and form. What I need is someone to take that and make is look smart. All that aside if someone blows it all away with a smart design - go for it K
  • Hi CH, I am in :) ,Please make the contest blind! Regards, Umair
  • Take away the profile pictures More white space needed Try a different font Something other than directional arrows down the left hand side and across the top
  • Hi Ch, this is my design #18, I hope you like. Juma
  • Dear Kevin, I have submitted design #15 . Design is bright, clean and with more white spaces. In the design the banner is an image rotators (will implement in jQuery). Except it the design will be followup with HTML5, and CSS3. In this design I will provide you complete SEO features too. Please give me your feedback, because I think I can make a design more efficient to you. Thank you!
  • Hey CH, Just want to explain something in my submission (#9) - the hand cursor depicts what happens when the user rolls over a navigation link. In my submission I depicted a user rolling over the 'services' link. Changes are welcome if you do like. Thanks, Moh
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. please rate this design & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. awaiting for your kind comment. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have submitted design #5 . Design is bright and clean. In next few years, it will be still modern. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
  • Please rate my entries #2,#3 Waiting for feedback! Regards.
  • Hey Contest Holder, Please rate my designs and let me know the required changes,I will be happy to modify the designs to your liking. *** All my designs have lot of white space which gives the website a classic and nice look! *** Regards.
  • I submitted 2 design styles there. Please review #32 and #39 #32 is a classic style and #39 is a modern style. but all remain serious and professional. You can see all my entry here http://www.designcontest.com/website-design/effective-governance-web-design/designer/posspoint/ I'm open to suggestions from you. Thanks! David
  • Hi CH, I'd like to know your opinion about these entries #36 and #37 Regards, Hooda
  • aki
    Hello CH let me know if any feedback required for #25? regards aki