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Winning design #42 by ekgraphics2010, Website Design for Fun Web Application - Contest Listing Site Contest
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designed by ekgraphics2010

Project description

Please watch the description video of requirements here: Mockup sketch can be downloaded from here: Style to use from this website design: Desired style features: Cute 3D Icons Curved Lines Rounded Corners Curved/Rounded button shapes Clean, not too busy look

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  • ogk
    Thank you for your submission, @RomyAzka - I will take a look.
  • Dear CH, #6 is my Design with your concept and colour themes, and #4 is the other Design with different Idea and Colour Themes too .. Hope You Like it .. :)
  • ogk
    @GoldenZ, it is hard for me to give feedback on your entry, as it seems very unfinished in general. It also did not follow many of the requirements as per instructional video. I would say don't spend any more time on it, unless you create a completely new entry, following the style guidelines from the examples given, and thinking through the UI design from the user point of view. Thanks,
  • ogk
    @Posspoint, there is also another website that has similar style, you can get inspired from it as well:
  • ogk
    @Posspoint, the color scheme should be exactly the same as in the metalabdesign website example. Even the textures and the embedding and the shadowing. It is described in the requirements video. Logo is here: But it is not mandatory to use it. Fun for me means cute 3d icons, clean style, cool navigation buttons. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Greeting contestmob, I admit, I haven't gave the design enough time and final touches to be ready, I will try to enhance the design to look eyes catchy, Thanks for your rate, I was expecting to see a comment/feedback based on your rate to guide me back on what you need. Regards, GZ
  • Hi CH, before I begin, I want to know what colors you want in design? what you like with a fun variation of the design shows the style of young people? what you don't have a logo? I think only that to adjust the concept I am with you in order to be later not misguided. I await your answer. and in a few days you will see what I've created for you. Thanks. David Posspoint
  • Ok, give me a few days to make changes.. Thank you.
  • ogk
    @eximius, we don't have to add the logo there necessarily. The orange works really well. Let's leave it like this.
  • Dear CH, I am afraid this logo won't do with the color scheme you want.. I wish you had told me earlier that you have a logo.
  • ogk
    @eximius, could we also incorporate our real logo in the top left corner, if it fits? Here's the logo: Thanks!
  • ogk
    @eximius, I do love the next/previous buttons that you designed. I don't love the Contest 44 out of 377 being so strongly defined. I meant to modify the page numbers 1, 2, 3, to look more like the mockup.
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your comments. Honestly, the pagination looks cool, but if you don't like it I will redo this. I tried not to clone the design you showed :) Will redo the details. Icons will be the least thing we should bothered by for now. Thank you.
  • ogk
    @eximius, I marked your entry as a revision request. Love the direction it is going.
  • Dear CH, Please check out my design. I tried to follow your wireframe, but it has some faults from the design point of view and usability. I swapped the tab icons pad to the right in order to avoid the empty space between the left column and the main content. Also, I made a tool box which is under the slider. The explanations about these things are a little bit unclear in the brief, so I made the items in the way I understand their purpose. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
  • ogk
    Looks really good already. Could we make the rounded corners be less rounded? More like from The icons on the right side could be different, more 3D, but I guess I can later choose them myself. The only thing I would change completely is the page numbering navigation control. Looks a bit too bulky at the moment, also would be great if it could resemble the one from the mockup more, have square boxes around each page number, and use the grey embedded line style, like in metalab design.
  • ogk
    GoldenZ, thank you for the design. Don't spend additional hours on it for now, I will wait for other submissions, to compare.
  • As requested, A Darker Concept, square Tabs. If you don't like the icons, I can get stock colored icons.
  • Ok, I'm working on the new revision.
  • ogk
    @eximius, stock icons are ok, I will purchase them. Just use stock images for preview in your designs.