Single page, HTML Digital Sign layout...we need a great Cafeteria menu!

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Winning design #35 by aayz, Website Design for Single page, HTML Digital Sign layout...we need a great Cafeteria menu! Contest
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designed by aayz

Project description

We are installing a Digital Sign in our Cafeteria that will replace a hand written sandwich board. The sign will be a landscaped LCD screen running at 1920x1080 and the bulk of the text needs to be visible / readable from a range of 12 to 15 feet. We are looking for a design that encompasses the elements and contains all the items in the attached HTML file. Please visit our website ( for who we are, our styling, and how we present ourselves.

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  • Dear CH, I submitted #13 a very clean and minimalist design, respecting the same color theory and spacing from, which define your visual aspects. As you can see I used capital letters to maximize the easiest reading possibility and also used thin lines to track the correct price for each items.
  • hi ch here is a readable menu.. i have alternate colors on the menu so its easy for the readers to know which line are they reading. hope you like it.. colors can be revised if u want to.. thanks
  • Hi CH.. #7... Text is easily readable from 10 to 15 Feet away..
  • Dear CH, #8 Ups..I uploaded the wrong file #9 update design #10 little dark on three panels Thank you for feedback and let me know if you need any changes regards, nila
  • Loving this! Do you think you could bump up the font a size or two? The screen needs to be readable from 10 to 15 feet away. At least on the foods (not necessarily the chesses, breads, etc.) Also, can you do decimals on all the dollars (I know they weren't there on the original text...sorry!) and right justify the $$ column.
  • Respected CH. I've submitted my 1st Menu Proposal for you.. Font Size is bigger, It can easily readable from the given distance.. Also can easily authored in HTML... If you need any changes, Let me know.. Thanks.. Best Regards,
  • Can You please clarify a little bit.. Do you want the Menu design on this resolution 1920x1080 ? and do you want to present this menu to the Screen or your website ? Thanks...
  • Respected CH. Can you please provide the vector logo file.. Thanks..
  • I have submitted #40. Where can i get your logo as i want to make a few revisions and do a finalized version prior to the deadline.
  • #38 first entry, I made sure the font is visible and readable from a far distance
  • Respected CH. I've made changes as per your Instructions #35. I've also submitted another variation of this design. #36. Thanks. If you need any other changes. Please let me know.. Thanks. Best Regards, Aayz.
  • Dear CH, I've uploaded my work including all descriptions given till now. Full HD version on fullscreen is readable from more than 10 feets, but of course it's depending on diagonal dimension of a screen... Regards rown
  • Sure CH. I will add the decimal and cents to all items and will submit very soon..
  • On your #7 submission, would it be possible for you to add the decimal and cents to all items? (I apologize that it wasn't in the orginal specs)
  • Dear Stephen: Submittal #27 shows my revisions. I made a few other changes while I was at it. Fonts are now bolded. For more visual clarity, I meant to put the colored separator in the first iteration, none the less they're in now. Also, I noticed the reference to Heart Healthy is nowhere on the menu. If you provide the information I can update my submittal. Best regards, Profession
  • Dear Stephen: Submittal #26 here! The size is 1920 x 1080 as requested, with a margin of 50. I can read the screen from about 7 feet without my glasses. ;-) Please let me know if an enlarged version of the fonts is necessary. Even better I'll go ahead a submit an enlarged version shortly. Best regards, Profession
  • Hi CH, I have uploaded a design and I hope the pilot friends will like the window view:) Regards, Ben10
  • Respected CH. I've uploaded the files. Please let me know if any revision you want. Thanks... Aayz..
  • Respected CH. Which file format do you prefer ? Thanks,Best Regards. Aayz.