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Winning design #75 by weeer, Website Design for URHG Mining Website Contest
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designed by weeer

Project description

We have a web site, but want to update the site, incorporate our logo into the site, make the information easy to be directed to in the site...much of the press releases, company information and reports will be displayed on the site that is currently there.

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  • Needs to be in English, Colors in Logo need to be used in the site, black and gold are the color themes, There are other pictures that I will upload to our site that have the placer plant and site pictures...needs work
  • Can you make the contest blind you will have more ideas ?
  • Hi CH can you add some 'examples for inspirations'? I must know, what kind of design you like most and say what you dont like in your current site. Thanks salman
  • ohi
    Dear CH, can you add some 'examples for inspirations'? I must know, what kind of design you like most and say what you dont like in your current site regards, ohi
  • Hi CH, Question : Any specific color-scheme ? or you want to incorporated the logo's color-sceme into the website design ?
  • About #17 Hi Ch, herewith my entry let me know if I'm in the right track, glad to hear your concerns your feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks, Cyrixian
  • About my entry i come ut with this clean proffesional design for you , hope you like it any change let me know Thanks Alex
  • Hi CH, I submitted my 1st design in your contest. please rate this entry & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. awaiting for your comments.thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • About #15, #20, #21, #37, #38 I have tried a design with web 2.0 techniques it is fast and easy for user experience. (More information in less space with minimum clicks) E.g., Thumbnails on screen will be interactive; user can see the details of the same by rollover on it. The information will expand in the same page. Thanks.
  • About #42 , This is the most updated design i have submitted, just so you know the white area is where the main body content would be held, in previous entries i had the content higher than the featured projects section. I am not sure which look you like better, that is why i uploaded various versions. Thanks for taking your time to read this.
  • add contact number and a search in the top....like the black and gold concepts so far the best....everyone is still under consideration....Thanks for the entries so far.....
  • add contact and search to the top right of the page, name on the left top spelled out
  • I have successfully updated entry #31 by adding the requested information, the newest of the update is entry #45
  • About entry #67 ; the "latest news section" automatically scrolls going down paving way for more news to be displayed within that section, "projects section" also switches to display more projects accompanied with both short and long description with thumbnails appearing as navigation on mouse hover; by clicking next or previous buttons more projects are shown; the upper left section also changes on mouse click over the circular blue tabs
  • About #66 Hi ... the first thing that u will notice is the powerfull Identity & personality in this concept ... I was very clear to present URHG in a simple & strong manner by this clean desgin. you will find sir that this desgin is not just a template , I was taking care about each inch & pixel ... and I will be appreciated to see your opinin & comments Thanks, khodiery
  • About #59 Hi CH, herewith my entry with updated mockup. Let me know if I meet your requirements feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks, Cyrixian
  • Dear CH, I improved the brightness of the colors in design #84. As with all designs that are posted on this contest, you (or the future web coder) could implement a Jquery slider for the images, which are shown in the header. The design is made with a 960 GRID, which makes it easier for the programmer to develop the web site. I could optimize the designs, after this contest with your feedback. I'm very much looking forward hearing your feedback / opinion. May the best win. :) Kind Regards from the Netherlands, Timothy
  • I've made some adjustments with design #83. Added more subtle textures, drop shadows and gradients to make things pop more. I also arranged the header to make room for the title at the top right and the contact number and search bar at the top left. Thanks, IAmMcIntosh
  • About #66 , #69 & #80 Hi CH , please check every pixel & inch in the design thanks, Khodiery
  • Design #79 I made style of gravel/rock and metal-gold texture accents. Theme is a bit brownish (as earth) but if needed could be done in black mode as well. the main slide show block (there the photo is right now) Is for you projects - for every project you can upload a photo with small description and a link to project. and those photos will slide automatically (as default slideshow) You could send me exact photos of you projects and i will make them to fit nicely. Also slide show can be used to show your machines not projects if it better for you.. you can say what machines best represent you, or i can take the ones you have in old website... If you dont like slideshow - in this place i can make a compilation of all your photos, or some of them and make one collage. this would be static if wanted all sub-pages - "projects", "contacts", "news" and other will be made by this theme if we are going to the right direction. (it can be made and after deadline or after extention of contest) #73, #74, #76, #77 - modifications Kind regards, FullHeads visuals