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Project description

Web design for a web development firm. See detailed description in the attachment. Remember to keep the design in the same style and colors as the logo. Be creative and break the boundaries. The firm is not looking for an average design but something unique.

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  • ohi
    Dear CH, after reading the brief, and after seeing the website that you like, I was full of hope. But when I saw the logo had lost the hope. Probably the logo would remind style characters from the Zopim slider. Unfortunately came very unprofessionally. What's the problem? the logo was used gradients and in slider are not any. At another logo I would gladly took this project (more flat). regards, ohi
    • Hello, Thanks for the feedback. You are free to use the logo without the characters in the background (just the written text). I do not understand what you mean with gradients. Regards, Kristoffer

  • Hello, Very nice design. They like it a lot. They had some comments. 1) Could you think of a different way of putting the 3 buttons to the left? 2) Could it be more air somehow in the middle. Everything is very centered now. Thanks a lof for your efforts.
    • Dear CH Thanks for your rating. I have modified the design based on your feedback. Please give feedback for #24 and #25. Regards Vijaya

  • Hello, The colors and layout is very good. Do you think it is possible to use the character they have on their logo somehow in this design? Regards Kristoffer
    • |--|

      kkarlsson {*wrote*}:
      Hello, The colors and layout is very good. Do you think it is possible to use the character they have on their logo somehow in this design? Regards Kristoffer
      |--| yes, everything is possible , but it will take time to draw them professionaly, is it worth it ??? becouse as i see every entry is nice for you :) so, please replay is it serious for consideration , thank you Regards , Linas

    • as i understand you need 3 diferent graphics , yes ?

    • #9 here is a quick change if that ok for your client,,,

    • i will do a version with more details on monday, but there is a lack of info : BUSINESS IDEAS ? - can you be more specific (is it some programming solutions or what, it will help for making banner graphics, same with company presentation , is it web coding for promo pages or what ?

    • Hello, Thank you very much. It is a web development firm, they have 3 type of customers. Customers that want e-commerce page, company presentations pages and customers that come to them with business ideas they want to realize on the web. So the business ideas some from their customers and the code it to make it possible. Thank you very much, we look forward to see the new version.

  • Hello, Very good design. They liked the color matching and layout. The only thing that made it hard for them was that they did not like the woman on the picture. Could you make a different proposal? Thank you very much
    • |--|

      kkarlsson {*wrote*}:
      Hello, Very good design. They liked the color matching and layout. The only thing that made it hard for them was that they did not like the woman on the picture. Could you make a different proposal? Thank you very much
      |--| Hi CH, Thanks for rating my design. I have revised the design as per your kind direction. Please rate my entry #8 & tell me if you have any remarks. Awaiting for your early kind feedback. Thanks again. Best Regards/WebStar

  • Hello, Very nice design. They like it very much but wonders if you can try to replace the guy currently on the design with the one they have for their logo. Regards, Kristoffer
  • Hi CH, Looking forward for your feedback on entry #7. Regards, Dezignwise
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my designs in your contest. Please rate my entry #5 , #6 & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. So that your expectation can be met. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thanks. Best Regards/ WebStar
  • Dear CH Please give feedback for #1. Regards Vijaya
  • Hello, A job really well done. Thank you for a great design. You really nailed it.
  • Hello, here are my design concepts #35, #36, #37, hope you enjoy and I look forward to your review and feedback! Thank you kindly, janedoe
  • Hello, Good job. This is a very nice looking design. Do you think it is possible to make it more visible that the main picture is part of a slideshow? The slideshow contains 3 slides. 1) E-commerce (this is the one visible in the beginning which you did) 2) Business ideas. 3) Company presentation. Can you make somehow so it is seen that E-commerce is active now and that it is possible to click on Business ideas or Company presentation to change slides. One other thing you can think of is to make left and right arrows to change on the slideshow.
    • yes, i am aware of that, thanks, i will submit my designs in about 3 hours

    • #29 here is a first slide,,, i am not sure if your client wants those 3 different background colors for diferent slides or only blue one , because if diferent is used , you dont need to show an active slide icon - it will be clair by color (for more feel of a slide you could use a slider timer line, that runs from left to right in set time of slide duration (you can su one in #30 just benief main top meniu ) hope you got that working on 2 and 3 slides graphics, please tell if diferent the n blue background colors is possible or blue should be in all slides as background, thanks Regards

    • slide concept for secound slide #31 #32 \,,,,,,,,,,,

    • third slide #33 , maybe all 3 on blue ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hi CH, I have submitted a new proposal in your contest. In my entry #22, I have used a small header area with logo,menu & contact info. Just below the header, i have created a new image banner. In this image banner i show the main programmer with his team. Below the header i have created 3section (e-commerce...etc) when a user click over the e-commerce the image banners popup text over the main programmer will appear & the background will show with cart & credit cards etc. When visitor click on another box the image background & popup text will change but the people will remain still. Hence there are auto sliding concept so I didn't use any arrow for sliding the image banner. In the content area, when visitor rollover the mouse over a company logo the testimonial will appear. Please rate my entry #22 & tell me if you need any changes. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Hello, The idea is nice and layout is good. The way you decided to use the logo was nice. However, it can not be changed. It is a logo the firm already has on business cards etc. Otherwise good job
    • aki

      Hi CH, have submitted revised preview, please let me know if any changes require.. regards Aki

  • Hello, can you provide a feedback for my design #16 Thanks!
  • Well made design, very clear. The fold is a bit to big in height (the header). Could u check if you can make the header a bit smaller? Maybe skip the black area on top. It would be nice if the visitor directly will see the three options E-commerce. Business ideas and Company presentations when do come to the page, without having to scroll. One thing that I think I did not manage to describe well enough in the description. The 3 options is 3 pictures in the slideshow. So if someone clicks on business ideas he will not come to a new page but the main picture will change. Sorry for not being clear about this in the description.
  • Hello, Thank you very nice design. Everything is very good, the only issue we can see is that the header comes a bit out of focus and hard to see. Could u see if u can find a way to make the other more visible, maybe use bigger test or something like that?
  • Hi CH, I made a design as per your mockup #12, Hope you will like it. Thanks. Regards/WebStar