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Winning design #23 by GoldenZ, Website Design for Website Focused on Internet Service Providers - 5 Pages Need Design Contest
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designed by GoldenZ

Project description


-Please do not include our company name anywhere in the site.

-This website should be designed as a comparison site for multiple Internet service providers. There should be two navigation bars: one at the top and one as a left sidebar.

-Top nav bar should include links to 6 internal pages: Home, Local Internet Providers, High Speed Internet, Deal of the Day, Broadband Internet, DSL Internet.

-Sidebar nav should include links to 9 internal pages: Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, CLEAR, Cox, HughesNet, WildBlue, AT&T, Charter.
We don’t need every internal page to be designed. The sidebar nav pages will all follow the same design and outline. Therefore, only 1 iteration is necessary.

The top nav pages will require 4 different designs and outlines.

“HOME” page:

The home page will need a large banner beneath or above the nav bar that details the site’s preferred dealer. The content for this banner should include:
-CLEAR 4G – The Next Generation of Internet Service Providers.
---Speeds as fast as home broadband providers.
---The amazing portability of a smartphone network.
---Affordable pricing - starting at $35/month**
The banner should have accompanying images that relate to the content. Please make sure one of the images is of a person – he or she can be doing something with a computer, for example. You must own the rights to any image you use. Beneath the banner, there should be a call to action reading, “Call x-xxx-xxx-xxxx today to learn more about your CLEAR 4G options!”

Beneath the call to action should just be a normal placeholder for content. At the bottom of the page, please add the phone number again and the text: “EXPERIENCE CLEAR 4G WIRELESS Internet.” Then add a footer that includes links to the 6 top nav pages, and the following disclaimer information: "**Taxes, equipment and other charges apply."

This page should be designed as a comparison page with a chart of some sort. The companies and comparison points to use in the chart are as follows:
Companies (with their logos)-9 total: Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, CLEAR, Cox, HughesNet, WildBlue, AT&T, Charter

Comparison points: High Speed Options?, 4G Options?, Unlimited Data Plans?, 24/7 Customer Support?, Phone lines needed?, Next-day access to the Internet?, WiMAX technology?, The most spectrum (capacity)?

Above the comparison chart, there should be a banner (smaller than the home page banner) that highlights CLEAR. Note: this smaller banner should appear on every page other than the home page, and the title of each page should appear in the banner as well.

Beneath the comparison chart, add the same phone number and footer as the home page.

This page should be a simple content holder page, but should also include a designed placeholder for a set of individualized state pages. It should incorporate the following 32 states:

1. California
2. Colorado
3. Connecticut
4. District of Columbia
5. Delaware
6. Florida
7. Georgia
8. Hawaii
9. Idaho
10. Illinois
11. Indiana
12. Kansas
13. Kentucky
14. Massachusetts
15. Maryland
16. Michigan
17. Minnesota
18. Missouri
19. North Carolina
20. New Jersey
21. Nevada
22. New York
23. Ohio
24. Oregon
25. Pennsylvania
26. Rhode Island
27. South Carolina
28. Tennessee
29. Texas
30. Utah
31. Virginia
32. Washington

As with the previous page, add the smaller banner at the top, and the phone number and footer at the bottom.

This page should feature the home page banner, as well as around 150 words of placeholder content. Below the placeholder content should be 3 images of equipment with the following text:

-Image: see 3 attached image files called (Modem1, Modem2 and Modem3) and arrange images freely.
---Accompanying text:
------4G Home. Super fast home internet service for an affordable price. Also ask about: home modem with included wi-fi!
-Image: see attached image file (USB)
---Accompanying text:
------Unlimited 4G Mobile. The on-the-go home internet experience. Take advantage of super fast speeds almost anywhere you go. Perfect for downloading music, watching videos, gaming and more.
-Image: see 3 attached image files (Modem1, Modem3 and USB) and arrange images freely.
---Accompanying text:
------4G Home and Mobile. The most popular package! Combine two great offers: super fast home internet and on-the-go accessibility.

Then add the phone number and footer below these images.

These 9 pages should all have the same design and layout. They should only be a placeholder for content, with an image holder for the company’s logo (see links to company logos below).

As with the previous page, add the smaller banner at the top and the phone number and footer at the bottom.


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  • Hi drogers, This is a pretty clean layout. I chose a nice red to highlight links and important stuff. I made the header really colorful. If you don't like the colors please let me know. I tried to make this website really user friendly. ~Tim
  • Hi CH, Thanks for the feedback and surely will work on these changes and will update the design tomorrow along with the inner pages design. Thanks, CSS Chimp
  • Csschimp, Thanks for your submission. A few quick notes: -We can't mention Red Samurai on the site anywhere. Instead, say "Internet Service Providers," as that's what the site is about. -Change the picture in the banner from equipment to a person - someone doing something internet related like using a computer or something. Other than that, you're on the right track and I think you can go ahead and work on the inner pages. Thanks again. Let me know if you have questions.
  • Hi CH, Please provide the feedback for the Design #8. so that I can work on the other inner pages Thanks, CSS Chimp
  • GoldenZ, Yeah, I think that would be fine. I see what you're saying. You can leave it off the homepage, but put it on every other page. Another option would be to make a smaller nav bar under the main nav bar for those nine links (on the home page). Kind of like a sub nav bar. That might crowd up the nav bar as a whole, though. Feel free to try multiple things.
  • Can we have the Left Navigation bar appears only one all the pages except the homepage? Because The homepage shouldn't have a large height or a bit scroll. If i Placed the left sidebar that contains menu items, you will have a large homepage. Let me know if you still want to show the left sidebar some-how on the homepage. Kindly Advise, Thanks.
  • Could you somehow label your submissions by page so I know which design you're doing? All of them appear to be the home page because you have the green bar under the "Home" button in the nav bar. Also, remember that each page needs to have a sidebar navigation as well (per the brief).
  • Could you somehow label your submissions by page so I know which design you're doing? All of them appear to be the home page because you have the green bar under the "Home" button in the nav bar. Also, don't forget each page needs a sidebar navigation as well.
  • Chart looks good. Like what you did there.
  • I'd like to see a better placeholder design for the states here. Try some different things - making them into buttons, not numbering them, etc. Try to make the state links different from the rest of the body text.
  • You can take some of my feedback on your home page and apply it here and to the rest of your pages. As for this page specifically, I like the use of the person in the banner. Add a person to the home page banner too (maybe someone different than this girl). That way, we can have two different people in the banners.
  • Thanks for your submission. A few quick notes: -Make the nav bar larger. -The banner is the most important part of the home page, so really spend some time there to make it pop. Add more colors, change fonts, sizes, etc. The banner is designed to trigger a phone call. Right now it looks to formal to do that. Make it more inviting. -Try to make the footer links all on the same line. -Replace the CLEAR logo in the top left corner with "Internet Service Providers" because that's what the site's about - not CLEAR. You can certainly use the CLEAR logo in the banner, though. Overall, things need to pop out more at the viewer. Try to go for something louder/more fun and less corporate. Let me know if you have questions! Thanks.
  • Thanks for your submission. A few quick notes: -Please make the nav bar links larger -Please add a sidebar design with the 9 links in the brief -Bring in more colors. Right now it looks very corporate. We want it to be inviting for customers - something that sells and is flashy. -Make the text in the banner larger and flashier. Change fonts, colors, sizes, etc. -Replace the picture of the modem in the banner with a picture of a person to give it a human touch. I like the content placeholder beneath the banner with the picture. I don't think that actual picture works, though. The footer could use a facelift as well. Overall, it's on the right track. The biggest thing is just making it flash more. Colors, fonts, sizing, will do that. The banner is the most important part, so spend most of your time there. Thanks again!
  • This is pretty good. It follows the layout we're looking for. We do need a sidebar, though (see brief). It'd be good too if it everything was more colorful. We want it to be inviting for people - something that can sell. This is clean, but it looks a little too corporate. As far as revisions, I'd like to see one or two more iterations, just for more options. Try different color schemes, banner designs, etc. A more specific analysis: Good: nav bar, banner size, footer Needs work: coloring, banner design (mainly the text inside it), text placeholder (no mention of Red Samurai is necessary, so it can be one block of text) Since no mention of RS is necessary, you can take every mention of it out and replace it with something about "Internet Service Providers", per my comment on the comment thread.
  • Sure thing, iTim. We don't have a domain locked down yet, but "Internet Service Providers" would be a good title to go by. Or some variation of it: "Comparing Internet Service Providers" or "Internet Service Providers Compared"
  • Hi Drogers, If we can't add 'Red Samurai' in the design could you tell us what the name of the website will be? 90% of the websites put their name in the top left. This is much more user friendly. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi all, thank you for your submissions; they look great. A few quick notes: -We can't have the company name (Red Samurai) on the site at all. -Feel free to add more color to make it look more inviting. Right now the designs are very clean which is nice, but I think we want something that will pop as well. -For the banner, it's okay to make the text and coloring pretty loud. Make it jump at the reader, change fonts, colors and sizes. The banner is the most important part of the site, so it really has to grab you. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to continue giving feedback. Thanks again for your work so far!
  • Greeting drogers, This is my first Concept, Wide layout & clean. Best Regards.
  • Sounds great. I'll provide feedback tomorrow.
  • Greeting Drogers,

    Thank you so much for Choosing my design as the Winner one. However within the rules here it says that you still have time to ask for modify any of the entries till you approve on all. Answering your question about communication, i'm only allowed to communicate with you through the comment box. So I will Just upload the screens here and you give a feedback within the comment box, Till we finish them all.


    How do I communicate with the winning designer? You can communicate with the winning designer in the same place you communicated with the designers during the contest. >go to your contest page >scroll to the bottom of the page >post in comment box All the best. -Amr