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Winning design #129 by Hanami, Website Design for www.EasyConnect.no Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hanami

Project description

Our company website (www.easyconnect.no) need a complete redesign, both graphically and usabillity wise, to be a better channel for customers and leads to our products. We want to make a website to present the main categories of products we have, and their main features. All our products relate to phone directory data backend. * Wash (we update your customer data) * extracts (meaning we pull datasets from our data for our customers use in for example call lists) * Phone directory (we provide our own phone directory branded 1890, and we provide full service backend for other brands as well) * Integration (We provide services so that our customers can integrate directory search in their products or web sites) Different product ranges above will be presented with a short presentation, reference customers, API-description and code examples. There will also probably be a newsfeed on the front page, and a couple of links to external sites. LOOK AND FEEL Do not pay to much attention to the slider values we have provided. The site must have a simple forthcoming feel and easily give the customer an understanind of our products. Any product page is only one click away from the front page. CONTACT All pages should have a small noticable section with a text field for the customer to enter their phone number or e-mail for us to contact them. The section may also include our phne and e-mail for the customer to use. LOGO and GRAPHICS The old logo of the company may very advantageously be replaced with a new one. Also other graphics should probably be new. Including design elements, icons and illustrations. None of the above (or below) is unnegotiable and we may see other choices and even change our mind along the way.

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  • Hi, and thank you for your comments. Sorry for the long response time, we will strive to be a lot more responsive. What color theme do we want, light or dark? This has not been discussed, but i assume a light design will have a lighter feel as well. Just don,t make it to heavy. As for the delivery format, graphics are the only files required by Designcontest, but if designers are using CSS/HTML for creating the design, that will be preferable on our end. (StefanA: I will translate and answer questions in English so all designers can read it. Feel free to ask in Norwegian though if you prefer that) EDIT: I See i did not answer your question about designing for mobile devices. It would be good if the design is readable on mobile devices, but we do not require a separate design for such.
  • To all designers: website contests are for the psd graphics template only Thank you
  • Just design, or html format also? id be happy to do both, just not sure what you want. Thankyou, Trollninja
  • Hei :) Hvilket fargetema ønskes? Mørk eller lys? Ønskelig med eget design for smarttelefoner og nettbrett? Kan levere designet i ferdig CSS/HTML om ønskelig. - Stefan
  • About #2 I have redesigned the logo but kept the color scheme from the current site. The logo would also be provided as a vector image. I have incorporated a news feed, about box, contact box and a slideshow (shifting section) on the homepage. If you would like something simpler or any of these removing, I can update the design. I used shutterstock.com for the photo.
  • Hi! And thank you for the first design entry! We like what you have done already. We will discuss this and give more feedback on how we want to see this move on. A question on the photo material. Can you provide direct links to where we can buy the images, so that we can make up an idea of the total cost of things... To all designers: A general note that maybe we should have mentioned is that we have a dilemma in the urgent need for a refreshing new design, and a need for our existing customers to have some feel of recognition. We do not know how to achieve both, but hope designers will consider this as well.
  • @ohi Hi, and thank you for your interest in our contest. It is of course entirely up to you when you choose to submit your contribution, but i would strongly suggest not waiting to long. The experience from our last contest is that the best designs came from those willing to participate in discussion, and adjusting their design in dialogue. Then again, if your design is brilliantly better than the others from the start, it is perhaps a better strategy not to show them until the latest minute. :-)
  • ohi
    Hello CH, I would like to submit a design, but the contest isn't blind so I'll add it to a few days before its completion :) regards, ohi
  • Good evening CH, #10 here is design with blue and red color, and their combination. Have a nice day! Vilma
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. Please rate this design & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. awaiting for your kind comment. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • lexerpixel: Please feel free creating a different logo, but have in mind the feel of recognition when designing the site. We have the old logo in EPS format if you still think you need it?
  • Dear, CH.. Could you upload your existing logo file? Or the designers could to create a different one?
  • About #11 I have updated my design with the requested changes. I also created original icons for the product categories (vask, uttrekk and integrasjon) These could be replaced with photos if you prefer.
  • @chapsART See our first comment: "This has not been discussed, but i assume a light design will have a lighter feel as well. Just don't make it to heavy." Please read our last comment aswell and remember some element of recognition from our current web page and profile (www.easyconnect.no). Looking forward to see your contributions!
  • @CH Can you tell us which color scheme do you prefer?
  • Thank you all for your great contributions. A clarification to the contact element. We want an element for "Call me" or "contact me" where the customer can enter her phone number, and we call back. The form for e-mail to us, will be on the contact-page, not on all pages. The contactinfo may be included in the contact element (something like #10 at lower right combined with #8's upper right.) Also * No need for a "latest news" section * Any "about us" or "welcome" section is fine, but should not overtake the products which should be the main attention catcher of the page. #1. * We like how the different elements are emphasized and stands out. * You need to make an element for each product instead of "services", "products"... * We like how you indicate the active menu item with the little arrow. * The logo is not quite what we imagine. Please try something different. * There should be some element of recognition from our current web page and profile * The footer is fine. * Are you thinking slides for the top section, if so, that should be indicated in some way. #4 * We like the clean expression of the content section. Perhaps some more emphasize on the products though. * The logo is not quite what we imagine. Please try something different. * The header is to much. To much blue, and the black part and the menu is kind of not fitting with the rest. #5 * Best recognition factor of the suggestions. * We like how you actually mange to get the green and yellow colors to not be hideous. * Also the logo is growing on us. * Loose the "news" section and adjust the contact uss section. * Give the products a little more emphasize, and they would probably benefit from some illustration photos or something. #8 * Also has good recognition * We like hos you have emphasized the products, and no unneeded elements steal attention. * The idea of labeling the different slides in the sliding presentation is a good one. * It is content focused and that a good thing. The graphic of this suggestion need some work. It has to many shapes and buttons. * The menu int the header is somewhat detatched and seems to be hangig in mid air. * Great that you have the call-me-form, but it need a little explanation of what it is, and whould probably be moved down to the content where the users attention is supposed to be. * We would probably want access to the products in the content section as well as in the sliding presentation. #10 * The products section as a nice touch, and the illustration phots adds a welcoming feel. Still need more attention. This is the main message of this page. * The header and menu works well, but the logo is not quite what we imagine. * The sliding info on the top is perhaps a little to much colorwise. Also the "office superman" is a bit cheezy. :-) * There is no recognition from the existing profile. * The footer should be toned down in color and content to get less of the users attention.
  • Thanks for the rate & feedback on my design (#17). - At my first initial design I planned the top part(Welcome to..) will be the sliding section. But I change it to static. for displaying the company do (& welcoming visitors). So, the one will slide is only the "Products & Services" section. - For the colour(& design), well I try to make variation to the designs submitted.. ;) - I'll try to work around the product's icons. - Thanks for the suggestion about the background, will working on that too.
  • Thank you for your contribution. This is by far the boldest proposal so far. We are somewhat intrigued, and would like to see where this could lead. The boldness and brightness of the design makes it dangerously close to TV shop or other not-so-serious businesses. Ours is a business-to-business site, and need to reflect that. * Where is the slider on this page? We see the four buttons indicating a sliding image, but are unsure of what is sliding. If it is the top image, the indicator should probably move up there. * We are unsure about the colors of the design. In one way, thats what makes this design stand out, but also they are a bit flashy/screaming when there is so much of them. * We sould like to see icons for the products with a clearer reflection of the product, the ones you have used are rather generic. * The grey border/background of the design is at the same time a background, and part of the design. Perhaps the header and footer should be inside the content-element, or have its own element or something? * The logo, is a funny variation. We will have to let it grow on us, and get back to you on that one. :-)
  • Hi, my design proposal at #16 and #17 : - I just make a slight change to the Logo, & using current logo color-scheme (and current website color) to keep the recognition feel. - The "rounded" logo is for describing an easy & continous connection. I hope the logo could simply telling what EasyConnection do. - The "Products & Services" section is using slider to displaying other Services & Products. - Different between design #16 & #17 is on the position of address section. The #16 is on right side, while #17 is under the "Telephone Form". feedback appreciated. Thanks. - Ardia
  • @SpyMouse About #14 This is getting good. There is a minor issue about the white font on the light backgrounds (especially the yellow), and we would like to see if a dark outline on the labels would make them more readable. Also, could you provide example slides for the other products based on the colors and icons you have used. Not sure if the entire slide should be a different color though, or just some indicator? About #15 The product page looks great, and we like the focus indicators keeping the color and feel from the front page. We think we do not want sub menus ("bedrift", "segment") on the product page (at least not for now), but rather make a description to fit all "sub products" and perhaps create separate, in-depth, pages for those later on.