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Winning design #66 by moonart, Business Stationery Design for Dunn Orthodontics Contest
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designed by moonart

Project description

We are an orthodontic office undergoing a name change. We are switching from "Tooth Wranglers" to "Dunn Orthodontics".  

See images attached in Brief: 1. New logo 2. current business stationary. (as example)

We are looking for a new 'modern' look.  

We Need:
Business Card. 
Referral Pad. (see example image) 8.5 in x 5.5 in
Letter Head.

INFO to use on business card
Name: Any
Title: Any
Phone: T (505) 897-2060 , F (505) 890-4256
web: www.drdunnortho.com
address: 3710 Bosque Plaza Lane NW, Suite 100 Albuquerque, NM 87120

Please add the following text somewhere on the letterhead (small font):
Thomas W. Dunn, DDS, CAGS
Orthodontics: Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics
DDS: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry
CAGS: Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics
Board Certified: American Board of Orthodontics

Please add "Thomas W. Dunn, DDS, CAGS" right below the logo on all documents  
Business card and letter head must be able to be edited by printers for name changes, icon changes, etc... 

Please add watermarked logo to letterhead. Or at least the icon letter 'D'  

Logo and contents are trademarked and copyrighted, do not use without permission outside of this contest.

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  • just letterhead bottom info change. #66
  • Please check updated color scheme design : Gray 93, 103, 112
    Blue 0, 156, 222 #65
  • About #49, @moonart
    Please change back of business card to blue.
    Please try putting the school info on the left and address on the right.. (on bottom of the letterhead)
    Thank You
  • About #49, @moonart
    1. Ok... lets keep the back of the business card blue. I like that the best..
    2. do you by chance know the pantone color of that blue and grey?
    • About #49, @tdunn Hello ch, i know pantone color, if you send me exact color code i have replace with all stationary items thanks

  • i have make the all changes also 2 business card back version Black & gray logo color #49
  • thank you for feedback please check updated design. #43
    • @moonart I really like this one! 1. Lets try centering the bottom of the letterhead like #40, but keep the address info 'bolded' and the schooling info a smaller font. 2. Can I please see black on the back of the business card instead of blue. (Keep the white writing) 3. Please put the address on the business card in two lines; (and remove 'suite 100') 3710 Bosque Plaza Lane NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 Thank You

  • one more unique & professional design hopefully you like. #46
  • About #42, @moonart
    It is looking great!
    1. Please change the bottom of the referral form to match #40's format. (with info centered)
    2. Please change the spelling for 'proclination' on referral form
    3. Please 'Bold' the address and phone numbers on bottom of letterhead.
    4. Please make font size smaller for info below Thomas W Dunn DDS, CAGS on bottom of letterhead. (starting with Orthodontics)
    Thank You
  • Thank you so much for proper guide me sir, please check 2 design this one is only change letterhead bottom info setting #42
  • About #36, @moonart
    Please change the lines before and after 'Thomas W. Dunn DDS, CAGS' to small dashes. (see original stationary for example) and please try the font a little smaller for 'Thomas W Dunn DDS, CAGS on letterhead, envelope and referral form.
    Thank You
  • Hello sir, please check my updated design letterhead & stationary in one file hopefully you like. #39
  • Please check updated design new setting
  • About #34, @moonart
    A few more changes for you..
    1. Please add a line before and after 'Thomas W. Dunn DDS, CAGS' and change the font color to black on all stationary.
    2. Please remove blue line on referral form. Increase size of logo on referral form. Please change 'grey' text to black on the referral form.
    3. Please add the schooling information to the bottom of the letterhead. (see the original letterhead for the info)
    Thank You
  • option 2 just info change at the bottom of letterhead, envelop web address remove & watermark logo added. #35
  • front of the card watermark logo little dark please check #33
  • updated design please check thanks #32
    • @moonart Love the changes... Thank You. Can you please put all updated stationary on one entry?... like #30. Thank You

  • About #30, @moonart
    I am really liking this... Thank You.
    1. Please remove address, phone #, etc from the envelope.
    2. Please put address, phone, etc. at the bottom of the letterhead.
    3. Please enlarge the watermark on the letterhead.
    4. Please enlarge the blue and grey border at the bottom of the letterhead.
    Thank You
  • About #8, @moonart
    Can you try making the watermark a little darker?
    • About #30, @tdunn
      Please just make all requested changes to #30.
      Thank You

  • About #31, @moonart
    Can you please remove the text: 'Wanted for an orthodontic evaluation'? Please correct the spelling for 'appointment on'. Can you make the blue and grey border and text 'www.drdunnortho.com' at the bottom of the page a little bigger? Thank you
  • Updated design option same high rated theme #30