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Project description

We need a label for a Vegan / Glutel free / Non Dary / No egg organic tomato Pizza 

The product: pizza base with tomato sauce
The brand is: Food Bless you

We want  vintage style

It is very important to enhance the attributes 

In the attachment is the information that has to be on the label , all of it has to be on the label, the label has to be a circle about 9 cm

I attached one label, I didnt like it because its not vintage, we need something similar in the information bur with a nicer design


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  • Please, hope your like #20
  • @paulina1 ! Thanks for your feedback :) please check #19 , Your suggestions really help me make a better design :D #19
  • hello! this is my favourite, just change the drowings for lines in the back , like in the #17 and use icons on the things we want to enhace, there is a oficial gluten free logo for example #11
  • Thanks @paulina1
    I have made some changes, please check it #16 #17 :D
    Hope you like it :)
  • About #13, @Mufidzart I like the back, but the colors before without the sun , like the last one, but I need you to enhace the attributes, there are logos for gluten free / dary free etc
  • vintage label 9 CM #15
  • @paulina1
    Thanks for your feedback, please check my revision #13 and #14 :D
    Hope you like it :)
  • About #12, @vannys Better, but i dont like the color of the back and its missing a lot of information
  • About #11, @Mufidzart I like it a lot, please try using diferent colors for the things to enhace or the logos (gluten free, dary freee etc) also try with a diferent back, the one you use is more like junk food , complete the oposite of the concept
  • Hi @paulina1!

    I am interest to joining on your contest
    after reading the brief, I think to make this design :D
    hopefully you like it
    i willing to hear your feedback & suggestion for best result :)

    Warm regards

    Mufidz #11
  • About #8, @gimbale17 I already have a logo, stick to it please
  • About #9, @vannys thank you, I already have a logo, you need to stick to that
  • About #10, @basso82 I need it to be vintage, to enhace the attributes: gluten free, sin lacteos, sin leche, sin huevo, etc..
  • From my understanding this pizza will be in a typical bag-sealed pizza with a round label sticker on the front, correct?
  • Pizza #8
  • About #7, @xferong Im going to add on the brief an example , I didnt like it , I need it more cleaner and vintage, you will see the example
    • @paulina1 This helps me out a lot! Tomorrow i'll do a new and way better design :D Thanks a lot!

  • Hope you like this! I'm going to do another one if you want to :D Tell me what you like/dont like please :D #7
  • About #5, @visualizer Hello, I dont need a logo, I already have a logo, I need a label disign with the content of the brief, thank you
  • If i change the lower part with something more colorful and vintage can it be better?
    • @xferong yes , and the back, something cleaner and vintage

  • Can you give me an image of the box? Thanks.
    • @xferong Its not a box, its a bag, the label its a circle of 9 cm