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Project description

The product is Exogenous Ketones powder (BHB).

Product Name: KetoGenesis

Product Features:
-Chocolate Sea-Salt Flavor
-240g (8.5oz.)

Product Benefits:

-helps get you into ketosis
-no carbohydrates - charge for muscle and brain
-suppresses appetite
-cognitive enhancement
-metabolizes fat
-sustained energy for workouts
-enhances ketogenic diet
-easy to mix powder
-great meal replacement

We envision a color scheme that highlights a delicious dutch CHOCOLATE flavor combined with an overall label design that says "Genesis" or "Creation" or "Beginning". I know those are abstract concepts and you can work off of those or go in a completely different direction...Just be CREATIVE! I also would like a combination of minimal, modern, and serious, BUT at the same time NOT boring...It should stand out and really POP. It should have a luxurious feel to it as this is an expensive product.

Will supply company logo ASAP and logo should be on the back of the label.

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  • Can you make the thick, dark shaded lines lighter? Like in #34 #41
    • @mgrnetworking I'm afraid both designs are the same...I only changed the font...Maybe for the second jar I made it smaller than the first thus make it looks different..

  • About #34, @Nasrul Can we see the font of "KETO" from #36 in this one?
    • @mgrnetworking Hi..thank you for the feedback....please check out #41 for the revision and #42 for the new design. Hope you like it..thanks

  • Dear Contest holder. Although I'm a woman and I am also passionate practicing fitness and I would like to see and use one such product. The idea of ​​ is the tree that bears the genesis and growth. Best regards. Maja #37
  • An all white background and also please remove the shadow on the left side of the container. #23
  • About #18, @EmadFarid This is nice, can we please one same as this one, except make the lightning bolts like the lightning bolt in #23.
  • About #23, @vishalscreativeworld Can we please see it in an all white background?
  • Try more like a luminous light. So it looks more like special effects, not exactly like real lightning. Combine that with a more minimal product name like in #7 #16
  • A purple color scheme with lightning bolts and a storm might look nice...Just like how you did our hemp oil label with the mountains, except this time instead of mountains and blue and white colors, use lightning, a storm, and the color purple. #14
  • Try some more colors...Like maybe blue, purple, or yellow. Also, add a lightning bolt or storm theme. #14
  • Try some more colors...Like maybe blue, purple, or yellow. Also, add a lightning bolt or storm theme. #13
  • Pretty good start, but we want to see a design with entire front of the label. #7
  • I hope like it #9
  • Hi, dear @mgrnetworking!
    Check please my entries #4, #5 and #6 and feel free to let me know about your thoughts. It's only the front side so far.
    Looking forward to receive the logo to start working on the back side.

    Thanks & Kind regards
    • @Anastasiia Thank you. We're looking for something much more complex. We do like minimal, but the designs you submitted are too plain for us.

  • Can you show us a label design on a container? #3