Natural Born Oils

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Winning design #46 by Nasrul, Label Design for Natural Born Oils Contest
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designed by Nasrul

Project description

We're looking for a logo/label design that we can quickly edit and use for about 20 different items.  We would basically just want to be able to change some colors and text to create each items label. Our products are beauty oils like, jojoba, argan, vitamin e, borage, and so on.  YOU WOULD ONLY BE DESIGNING FOR NATURAL BORN OILS. Everything else are just examples.

Attached is an just an example of one of our companies labels that we really like..."Honest Botanicals."  From this example, you can see how we can easily change the product name and colors. 

Also attached is a PSD of a work-in-progress logo/label design for "Natural Born Oils" that we ended up not liking very much.   Feel free to completely redesign everything.  WE NEED THE DESIGN TO FIT THIS TEMPLATE.  We will be printing this on 2"x4" labels.  We are a bit flexible on the text space needed.

We purchased this attached "seedling" stock image that we really liked as a possible part of our logo/branding.  Please see if you can make this work with your design, but if it doesn't work well, we will consider not using it.

Also attached are some examples of what our current designs look like and printed.  As you can tell, the Natural Born Oils labels needs some help! We also attach some images on another companies bottle (pink label) that we like as some possible inspiration.

We intend on using the cobalt blue glass bottles, so maybe your design can compliment this a bit as well. We will be printing on white labels, not clear.

Thank you for your help!

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  • i redraw the seed into vectored type, so you can resize it to any size. #43
  • Because real estate is so precious on the front of the bottles, I've removed the heart image and focused on images that feature the type of oil. #41
  • Any changes please feel free to ask any time thanks
  • Hi..please check this design. The idea is to make the flower/seed/plant picture more clearly without blocking the info on the front..Its also make the label more attractive with variation of colors...thank you.. #37
  • Hi..this is mockup for the label...hope you like it..thank you #34
    • About #34, @Nasrul Love it! Thank you.

    • @Joshinaround Thank you...If you have any suggestion to improve the design..let me know..

  • Great job! Could you possibly wrap one of these on the bottle? I'm curious if it's possible to see the curve on the colored from the front of the bottle. #30
  • Hi..I tried to changed the product and I find out its easy to change info and colors..I think for the other products you can easily change into you needed..thank you #30
  • I like the idea of working the "born good" tagline into the logo, however, I liked that the plant was larger in your earlier you have any other ideas to make the plant larger and work in the tagline somehow? Thank you! #20
    • @Joshinaround Hi..please check #29 as I rework on the logo..thank you

  • About #19, @nyrntx This is one of my you have any other similar ideas? I would be using this design for about 20 different products. I was considering adding fruits/seeds/plants and a faint background image like this company does:
    • About #19, @Joshinaround
      Glad you like the design. I have been thinking about some other things I could show. If you check back later today, I should have something for you.

  • Thank for making the plant a bit more visible. I think it will print better. #20
  • About #20, @Nasrul This is really nice, one of my favorites. I like that I may be able to add some small images of the fruits/nuts/plants that our products may contain. Thank you for making my recommended changes.
  • About #19, @nyrntx Very nice design! Love the heart/leaf logo. Thank you very much.
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for rating if you need any changes please feel free to ask me thanks
    • @moonart Your designs are really good. I'll think about some possible suggestions.

  • Hello ch, please check more less printing cost hopefully you like thanks #10
  • Hello ch, please check my design option hopefully you like appreciated feedback thanks #8
  • About #3, @Nasrul Can I ask you where you found the image bottle? I'd like to get a copy if possible to try some things out.
    • @Joshinaround can get here..

  • About #3, @Nasrul Very nice! Let me think about any recommendations, so far cannot think of any.
  • Hi..I reduced the color used in the artwork to cut the cost..any feedback is appreciated..thank you #3
  • Our company is "Natural Born Oils" #1
    • About #1, @Joshinaround No need to correct it though...I know this can be fixed later.

  • I like this design. I'm suddenly concerned about the printing costs of using a solid color design. Do you have any other ideas? Also wouldn't mind seeing the background artwork you used on your green design on this. Thank you! #1