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Winning design #130 by acdesign17, Landing Page Design for Building Block REIT Contest
Gold Medal

designed by acdesign17

Project description

LOGO Provided.  Landing page and mobile version. 

For: Digital Real Estate Company (REIT)

  • Single user input, email field only.  “Subscribe for White Page updates and alerts” – Subscribe button
  •   Social Media Icons: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIN, Weibo
  • Partner Icons: Use place holders here
  • Header (top or side): Contact Us, Team, White Paper, FAQs

Creative Discretion from Designer (optional)

  • Buildings or skyline (old, new or mixed).
  • Geometric shapes
  • Architecture
  • Digitization
  • Digital buildings

Keep in mind our colors. 





Below are some key points to create a great landing page.  Please read and use these points.


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  • Thank you, please check mobile design #162
  • Thank you for your feedback, please check mobile design #160
  • Please also provide the mobile version. #159
  • Dont like the background on this. #158
  • Please provide mobile of this entry. #152
  • About #154, @Toshik Hello put the "b" that is in header (top) put that on bottom left. Put partners to the right corner and put some place holders there. In middle of footer put news box. Finally make a mobile version of this also.
  • Mobile responsive designs #156
  • Please give your valuable feedback #152
  • The background is too cartoonist and looks to similar to already submitted posts. #151
  • Here it is as for presentation #150
  • Hi senwia,

    Here is my design for your contest as you may have notice I make it more appealing and elegant. Your brand color Gold signifies wealth and Blue color signifies creadibility which I believe is what you want your customer to see you. I even make the call to action very visible so that people on the site know what you want them to do. And one more thing I consider is that I put the social media buttons on the main part of the design so encourage site visitor to check on your social media account for more details and updates about your service. #149
  • Please make sure you also display a mobile version of this design. #76
  • Please make sure you also display a mobile version of this design. #124
  • Please make sure you also display a mobile version of this design. #127
  • Please make sure you also display a mobile version of this design. #135
  • Please make sure you also display a mobile version of this design. #129
  • About #76, @Toshik I am sorry let me be more clear. This submission is very good, just needs some details to make it better.

    Where point 2 is at the bottom of the page place a home page hero. This is a bar style that displays information, images, or other things that rotates.

    Move the email submission bar up into the main page background area above the footer and change the up arrow button to say "subscribe". Chain the coin type to the other coin that we uploaded that has no writing. in the background behind the windows of the building through the cloud, please fade the coin to blend in there like someone is shining the batman logo there. Please do this quickly so we can get you voted in the final ones.
  • It was great to work on your project, have a look to my all design with mobile how it look.

    If you also looking for development the design live, i can give you into One-on-One.

    Any changes you need in design let me know.

    Cheer, #144
  • Color version of my design #131 & #132
  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.


    Regards/WebStar #129