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Allygate is a modern charity organization dealing with the most important environmental issues of today. We are looking for international startups / founders who develop innovative solutions for these problems. We help startups to promote themselves and connect them with potential partners and donors. We want to present them optimally with short videos and impressive pictures. In addition, we will promote the topics on social media channels and try to win Opinion Leaders for us, who have a great public interest and engage themselves for a good thing. Further more we want to build a big network between startups, entrepreneurs, donors and Opinion Leaders.

Ally     someone who helps and supports someone else, partner, friend, 

Gate   door, open new doors. access

(g)8     infinity, lucky number of the owner 

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  • This concept is another version of the previous one #33, this simple and minimalist logo concept is infinity number 8 or letter A as the owner's identity, the gate is symbolized as an arrow indicating access, I hope you like it. #352
  • hi there we like your design.. :) can you please delete the G around the A ? #285
  • can you make us one example with a dark green (Olive) background and the Symbol and font in eggshell Colour? #177
  • can you close the spaces between the letters? #177
  • Hi! we like your design. :) the Symbol looks to exactly can you make this Little bit more peppy (lively) ? #177
  • and here one leaf or something (Symbol) like this? #176
  • You have just stolen my idea
    Not cool :/ #331
  • hi! :) we like your design can you please change the T a Little bit? it looks like a cross #176
  • or Maybe darkgreen Colour at the background and the Symbol eggshell Colour and the Font white? #134
  • can you please change this Colour to dark olivegreen? #134
  • Please check the design idea. I have taken the idea of infinity symbol as a shape of 8 lying diagonally with a handshake to symbolize support.
    Thanks #331
  • Dear contest holder,
    Please let me know if you want any revision.
    Thanks :) #303
  • If you want to make some changes, please, inform me #293

  • If you want to make some changes, please, inform me #291
  • Sir... any change massage me .Thanks #290
  • please comment, thanks #289
  • Greetings :) This is my concept. I made a "g" to be a keyhole to represent about gate. Hope you like this concept. Thank you :) #288
  • allygate #280
  • allygate #279
  • please check and comment, thanks #268