It was my first attempt with DesignContest, with the whole process I was very pleased.

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Winning design #118 by ninja_arts, Logo Design for AUTFORCE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ninja_arts

Project description

We own several logos and colours for various company departments.
We now need a common logo for all departments (global logo) for our solutions (see internal design study page 2 PDF).

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Our company make software for the industry and we offer solutions for our customers.

The name AUTFORCE and squares should not be changed, the colour maybe.

The main goal is to explain, we offer solutions either as text or icon or symbol .... .

The second goal is, the text "solution" can not be embroidered on T-shirts. With a width of 80mm (3,14inch) the text "solution" is to small, the new logo should

embroidered. Minimum size of text is 5mm or 0,2 inch.

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  • Thank you to all designers, I will choice the winner on Tuesday after easter.

    Greetings Oliver
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    • About #76, @oliver_hohnhold thanks for the input, i will try again