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Winning design #174 by Salvatori, Logo Design for Campbell Beaton Associates Contest
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designed by Salvatori

Project description

Nature of business is commercial property investment brokerage based in London.

I will be acting for landlords of commercial property to sell all types of property in the UK and also acting on behalf of investors in the acquisition of such assets. Specifically want to focus on Industrial (Distribution Warehouses) and central London. Aiming to act on behalf of the wealthiest private investors and most active UK pension funds.

Founder is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, although studied in Bristol and has spent the last 6 years in London. During this time he worked for both Colliers Internationals and more recently Knight Frank.

Looking for a simple, memorable, appropriate logo for use on website, business card and letterheads. Want it to stand out and look professional at the same time. Preferably in a single colour on white background potentially. And potentially same colour but who knows.

I have attached a logo I saw which I quite liked but unfortunately its already been done.

Want to focus on clients who are wealthy and therefore logo needs to give off a feeling of wealth but not over the top. Should give off desirability to be associates with the brand. Also want it to have a slightly artistic or unique feel so people remember it.

The very nature of setting up business on my own is bold and not with the trend more 29/30 years olds. So that could come across too.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Design includes compositions for dark and light backgrounds. Your feedback is appreciated :) #178
  • Hello client, please see if that's the way I would like to see the logo. I applied in different forms as requested. I appreciate the feedback again.


    Salvatori. #177
  • Hello client, as requested, follow the logo with the blue of the site and the white. Also her example applied to the site.


    Salvatori. #176
    • About #176, @Salvatori thanks this logo is actually really perfect! i know i am asking the same question again but didn't think i explained clearly.

      So that i can use the logo on any background colour in blue or white. Is it possible to produce with a transparent background. i know some logos are produced like this. it would mean i could then paste on top of any background and use on any background colour.

      there are several variations of this i would like if possible.

      a) logo all in white with transparent background

      b) logo all in white with navy background (same colour you have used) but transparent background

      c) both variations of the above but with the 'associates' in the lighter colour of blue you showed before but again with transparent background. so one will be in blue with light blue and 2nd one in white with light blue associates.

      d) finally would it also be possible to have a version in silver colour

  • Hello client, thanks for the feedback! Follows the logo with the colors of the site and horizontal as requested.


    Salvatori. #175
    • About #175, @Salvatori will this work on a blue backgorund, can we make a logo which will work when pasted onto what every brackground in a white and dark blue in similar colour to my website. thanks

  • Hello client, thanks for the feedback! Follows the logo with the colors of the site as requested.


    Salvatori. #174
  • About #172, @cjtbeaton Hello client, of course! Soon I will be by posting in the project.

    • @Salvatori thanks i like the design. do you think the colours could match that of my website?

    • @cjtbeaton would probably need in a different colour for the business cards and letterheads, t shirt etc.

  • is it possible to design a logo which will work with the following website -
  • Hello client, the logo includes the initials C and B with a sophisticated design, lightweight, stylish and conveys quality.


    Salvatori #172
    • About #172, @Salvatori thanks. i like this alot would it be possible put the text beside the logo just to see

  • would it be possible to see this with reversion colours so can been seen on a navy blue background
  • Dear Ch,

    Hope you like it.. awaiting feedback.

    Thank you #162
  • Dear CH, please check #149, thanks so much
  • please can someone work a logo design with an stag maybe something similar to the Royal London logo on the brief
  • can someone also look at the foxtons logo and design something similar with CB.
  • please can someone work a logo design with an stag
  • next #119
  • check out my designs and do not hesitate to ask for changes. I will wait for feedback from you #118
  • You have copied entry 14, if this one wins you will split the contest prize with designer of entry 147 #85
  • Please comment this project :) #109
  • Would it be possible to see some design incorporating an animal so like a stag, lion possibly.