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Winning design #140 by daniel258, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by daniel258

Project description

I am a board certified emergency physician who has been involved in finance and and education through investing and passive income creation.  I specifically blog with the physician community however do not want to be cast singly in this area.  My main mission is to translate high income individuals to high net worth persons. I invest primary in multifamily real estate and look to continue this with a website and blog that I cam beginning.   My last name is black of course but the play on the account words in the title meaning would be something to start from.  

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  • 3D visual (for site example) #161
  • Letters E in the form of charts of the income. #160
  • Design #100 tweaked version. #157
  • just an option without ".com" #155
  • mistakenly upload the previous design :(
  • Another variation with pie chart integration in letter "C" .. may be you like this. #153
  • @thomasblack #150
  • @thomasblack #148
  • Can you do a darker green and just a smaller arrow tip #115
    • @thomasblack Alright sure. Thanks for the feedback.

    • @thomasblack Please check #146 for a smaller arrow tip and darker green. Thanks

  • I omit financial bars and replaced them as radial bar chart in the letter "C" which makes the logo simple and elegant. ( inspiration: )

    Green arrow also give the concept/feel of freedom.

    Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

    eshtiyak #117
  • This is my other design for you boss. I hope you like it. Thank you :) #137
  • This is my other design for you boss. I hope you like it. Thank you :) #136
  • in #134
  • Here is my solution...please feedback. #133
  • in #132
  • please checked it sir,thanks #131
  • please checked my proposal,thanks #130
  • please checked my design,thanks #127
  • with .com version #124
  • Money "lifts" the building. #123