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Winning design #48 by alanis, Logo Design for Funny Moose Logo for Raunchy Affiliate Program Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alanis

Project description

Logo for Moose Cash. I want a cartoon Moose with sunglasses. In his hoof/hand (whether he has digits or a prehensile hoof is up to you), he could be doing something like a "thumbs up" gesture, or holding a fistfull of cash. Other than the Moose, I'd like the general color scheme to be red and blue. I'd like a Hawaiian shirt on the Moose, and tropical beach-like scene behind him: think Spuds MacKenzie. Fun, babes, money, blue skies, beach. The text on the logo should read "Moose Cash", with an 80's inspired OR 8-Bit feel to it. The logo should be horizontally longer than it is tall, so that it can serve as the header for a website. A navigation banner needs to go through the bottom of the logo. An example of a logo/header in this shape could be seen here: I need a layered, full-size .psd of this finished design so that elements can be adjusted, switched off, replaced, etc. Thanks!

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  • CH: Although you didn't ask for it specifically in a circle, the example link you provided showed this was something you were interested in. I shortened the moose up and tried to make him more moosey and less camely. I guess moose and camels are similar, one just has antlers...
  • No beach but it works and beach elements can be brought into the typography.
  • Background not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • hi CH, here's a clean and colorful logo. i made it very detailed for you. with nice hawaiian polo, beach background, thumbs up gesture, this is fully customizable for your needs. thanks
  • Could we lose the Joe Camel cigarette? :)
  • You want to much...Camoic style is so extensive. serch for some style you like, any example. Nobody is going to do a high quality comic design without no direction. Please ad some information or example pictures, so I will do my best to make you a stylisch 80's moose with glasses. Greez cyanmatt
  • im #29 whats your likes and dislikes i tried to picture a character with a more devise but more of a hey baby come over here kind of look
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  • Hi C.H., about design #28 I tried to picture a character with a spicy personality, he’s cheerful and retro, he’s got a great tan and kind a fonzie attitude; for the name, I went for something that reflected that retro cartoonish look with some modern web-based shine. Hope you like it. Cowabunga!
  • To StudioFa and victorious - that moose in your designs is remarkably similar. What is the source of it?
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer's.
  • Third party images not allowed.
  • Yeah… #41, update from #40 and #28, sunglasses looked kinda funny, so I improved them, I wasn’t sure about the yellow outline in the letters, so I removed it as well… Thanks!
  • Hello, logo #40 updated from #28, lot less red, changed the antlers and give him some sun shades, instead of the plastic ones.
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contest, the art you used is found here